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Affiliate Country Programme

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IEC Programme for developing countries


IEC International Standards adopted under the terms of
the IEC Affiliate Country Programme

As a benefit of the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, participants may choose 200 IEC International Standards free of any commercial consideration, for adoption and use as reference in national laws or regulations in the adopting country.


Under the terms of the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, only identical adoptions are possible by endorsement. The IEC International Standard is endorsed as the national standard in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 21-1, 5.2.


The free copies of IEC International Standards for adoption are not for commercial use, and the Affiliate participant may print out paper copies for internal use, in particular for the work of the National Electrotechnical Committee.


Once the adoption process is completed, the Affiliate participant shall notify the IEC General Secretary of the adoption of IEC International Standards by sending the Declaration of Adoption form to the Affiliate Secretariat (see attached document below).


When the Affiliate participant meets the criteria to be granted the IEC Affiliate Plus status, the number of IEC International Standards available free of charge for the purpose of national adoption is increased to 400 (instead of 200). See the Affiliate Plus section


The Affiliate Country status does not allow the sale of IEC publications. Any national customer wishing to acquire an adopted standard can purchase the identical IEC International Standard from the IEC Central Office at the conditions given in the attached procedure below.


As a benefit of the Affiliate Country Programme, once the quota of 200 or 400 free standards is reached, additional IEC International Standards for adoption can be obtained according to the attached procedure below



Reference, Edition, Date, Title
Edition 1.0 (2005-05-12) Regional or national adoption of International Standards and other International Deliverables -- Part 1: Adoption of International Standards
Facilitated adoption procedure for Affiliates
EN pdf file 24 kB
Declaration of Adoption of IEC International Standards
EN pdf file 88 kB
Abridged course for IEC National Committees and Affiliate Countries
EN pdf file 5.79 MB