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About ACAS

ACAS pledge

What is ACAS


The Affiliate Conformity Assessment Status (ACAS) offers Affiliate participants new benefits in all IEC Conformity Assessment Systems, IECEE, IECQ, IECEx and IECRE, including any future CA systems established by the IEC. The objective is to train Affiliate Countries to use IEC International Standards and benefit from its CA Systems through the recognition of IEC CA certificates at the national level.



ACAS benefit package


The status offers the following benefits:

  • Regional awareness events
  • Resources (documentation, guidelines, useful links)
  • Webinars (upon request)
  • Learning modules on IEC website
  • Active participation in each system, based on
    prerequisite training conditions


Who is entitled to ACAS




- Learning Phase

IEC ACAS Declaration

- Implementation Phase

Any Affiliate Country that has met the following criteria:

  • Officially declared the national adoption of at least one IEC International Standard used within the scope of one or more of the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems
  • Nominated at least one individual to use the Level 0 and Level 1 ACAS Learning Modules
  • Signed the IEC ACAS Pledge
  • Made the commitment to sign the IEC ACAS Declaration within 5 years