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IEC Programme for developing countries

IEC Affiliate
Country Programme

Launched in 2001, the IEC Affiliate Country Programme is aimed at developing countries around the world. The Programme offers such countries a form of participation in the IEC without the financial burden of actual membership, making full use of IEC 100% electronic environment. The WTO (World Trade Organization) has complimented the IEC on the creation of the programme which provides an appropriate tool to enhance the participation in International Standardization from WTO Members in developing countries.

Removing trade barriers

Through its global reach, the Affiliate Country Programme results in increased awareness, use and adoption of IEC International Standards in developing and newly industrialized countries. It also helps the economic development of these countries by removing technical barriers to trade, as participants use and adopt the IEC International Standards and benefit from its Conformity Assessment Systems.


This is of particular interest to industry, which can export to and import from these areas with the assurance that their products and services will operate safely and efficiently.