ACP Frequently Asked Questions

The login details provide access to restricted documents on the website (apart from TC/SC working documents which can only be accessed by designated experts). Please complete the webform and the IEC Affiliate secretariat will provide the login details.

Experts nominated by affiliate countries are welcome to comment on working documents at the CD (Committee Draft) and CDV (Committee Draft for Vote) stages. Experts can use the commenting form and send it to the IEC Affiliate secretariat electronically.  


No. A new edition contains new information which should be reviewed before adoption at the national level. National adoption of the latest editions should be declared to the IEC as per the usual procedure (completing the Declaration of Adoption form and sending it to the IEC Affiliate secretariat).

Yes, it is possible as long as they are available in the IEC Webstore. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend taking into consideration the latest edition or the replacements standards because withdrawn standards contain outdated or irrelevant information.

The value-added products are not official documents of the IEC and therefore cannot be included in the quota of publications made freely available, in view of adoption, to Affiliate countries.

No, it is not possible. As a country participating in an IEC programme free of charge (no annual fee), it is not permitted for affiliate countries to profit from the sale of IEC International Standards. However, the NSB/NEC clients may benefit from certain discounts.

In principle, it is not possible. The IEC strongly recommends that affiliate countries nominate one expert per TC to encourage a wider diversity of participation.

The IEC affiliate country must meet two criteria:

  • declare at least 50 national adoptions of IEC International Standards, and 
  • report the establishment of a National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC).

Yes, the NSB Principal Contact and NEC Officers (i.e. Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries) are given access to the working documents of the TC/SCs they have selected. 

Affiliate countries complete the Declaration of Adoption form and send it to the IEC Affiliate secretariat by email at

Affiliate countries may benefit from a 50% discount towards the purchase of additional IEC International Standards.

The quota of free standards in view of adoption is fixed and not renewable.

No, it is not possible. National adoptions of IEC publications remain exclusive copyrights of the IEC. Only the IEC logo can be inserted onto IEC International Standards.

A national foreword is an introductory text placed at the beginning of a main document containing additional information and explanations relevant to the country. The national forward helps users to better understand the application of the document at the national level.

Yes, it is possible. Any IEC International Standard may be purchased with 5% discount by the NSB/NEC clients. If the IEC International Standard has already been declared to the IEC as national standards, it can be purchased with an applied discount of 90% (only the adopted editions and amendments). The request for clients must be sent by the NEC Secretary or other main contact to the IEC Affiliate secretariat.

Detailed information about each IEC International Standard is available on the IEC Webstore. Affiliate countries can send an email to the IEC Affiliate secretariat with the list of the standards requested free of charge.

The list of all ordered standards by affiliate countries cannot be consulted on any platform at this stage. However, such a request can be made to the IEC Affiliate secretariat by email.

Yes, clients may purchase these standards with a 90% discount. Please note that the discount applies only to the adopted editions and the adopted amendments.

More information

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Affiliate countries benefit from the participation in the IEC standardization process

Affiliate countries are encouraged to take an active role in IEC standardization and conformity assessment activities

Affiliate countries benefit from participating in conformity assessment activities

A number of events provide affiliate countries with the opportunity to meet with experts from all over the world

The documents in this section provide you with the necessary tools for your successful participation in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme

The IEC Affiliate Secretariat is your contact at IEC Central Office and will help you become familiar with the IEC environment and work