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Helping newly industrialized and developing countries join the international standardization and conformity assessment community
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By adopting IEC International Standards and implementing IEC Conformity Assessment Systems, countries enhance their economic opportunities, ensure product safety and performance and benefit from the collective knowledge of international experts.

Since its launch in 2001, the IEC Affiliate Country Programme has provided numerous countries with the opportunity to participate in the international standardization and conformity assessment activities of the IEC without the financial burden of membership.

Countries participating in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme join a global community of experts and gain access to IEC International Standards and other publications free of charge, better understand the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems; learn from IEC members through meetings and the mentoring programme; contribute to IEC activities and participate in the annual IEC General Meeting and Affiliate forum.

Interested countries may join the programme upon invitation by the IEC General Secretary & CEO.

Facts & figures

Affiliate Country Programme
With Adoptions54
Without Adoptions31
Total Participants85

Benefits at a glance


The principle objectives of the IEC Affiliate Country Programme:


Encourage greater awareness and adoption of IEC International Standards in developing and newly industrialized countries

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Increase knowledge about the importance of implementing conformity assessment systems alongside international standards

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Help countries better understand the work of the IEC and how to become active contributors

Affiliate countries will be able to use relevant IEC International Standards and learn how to monitor relevant working documents, thereby taking a step-by-step approach to establishing an IEC National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC).

Joining the programme

Developing and newly industrialized countries can join the IEC Affiliate Country Programme by invitation from the IEC General Secretary & CEO. Countries are asked to sign and return the Affiliate Pledge to the IEC Affiliate secretariat for countersignature.

Following the approval to join, the affiliate country will be contacted by the IEC Affiliate secretariat for details on how to immediately benefit from the programme.

Affiliate Plus status

Affiliate countries that have officially declared the adoption of at least 50 IEC International Standards as national standards and established a NEC with representatives from the private and public sectors are eligible for Affiliate Plus status.

More information

Information about the Affiliate Country Programme, its objectives and benefits

The role of the Affiliate Leader and an overview of the Messages and Dialogues to the affiliate community

Affiliate countries benefit from the participation in the IEC standardization process

Affiliate countries are encouraged to take an active role in IEC standardization and conformity assessment activities

Affiliate countries benefit from participating in conformity assessment activities

A number of events provide affiliate countries with the opportunity to meet with experts from all over the world

The documents in this section provide you with the necessary tools for your successful participation in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme

The IEC Affiliate Secretariat is your contact at IEC Central Office and will help you become familiar with the IEC environment and work

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List of IEC Affiliate Country Programme Participants

IEC Affiliates
Country Code Website Admission date Adoptions
AF Admission date 2007-01-01 176 adoption(s)
AO Admission date 2002-07-01
AG Admission date 2002-05-01 adoption(s)
AM sarm.amen Admission date 2001-11-01
AZ Admission date 2011-06-27 adoption(s)
BS bbsq.bsen Admission date 2012-07-17
BB Admission date 2001-11-01 15 adoption(s)
BZ Admission date 2002-04-01
BJ Admission date 2001-11-01 169 adoption(s)
BT Admission date 2006-07-01 122 adoption(s)
BO Admission date 2001-08-01 96 adoption(s)
BW Admission date 2001-11-01 159 adoption(s)
BN Admission date 2001-11-01 74 adoption(s)
BF Admission date 2001-11-01 174 adoption(s)
BI Admission date 2002-04-01 77 adoption(s)
CV Admission date 2017-01-24 17 adoption(s)
KH Admission date 2001-11-01 193 adoption(s)
CM Admission date 2005-03-01 150 adoption(s)
CF Admission date 2008-04-15
TD Admission date 2008-06-01
KM Admission date 2001-11-01
CG aconoq.cgfront-page Admission date 2008-06-01 54 adoption(s)
CR Admission date 2001-10-01 226 adoption(s)
CD Admission date 2001-11-01 249 adoption(s)
DJ Admission date 2019-03-26
DM Admission date 2002-05-01
DO Admission date 2005-08-01 29 adoption(s)
EC Admission date 2003-04-01 309 adoption(s)
SV Admission date 2008-02-01
ER Admission date 2001-10-01 62 adoption(s)
SZ Admission date 2007-10-01 10 adoption(s)
FJ Admission date 2001-11-01
GA Admission date 2007-02-01 322 adoption(s)
GM Admission date 2008-03-01 33 adoption(s)
GD Admission date 2001-11-01
GT Admission date 2001-11-01 adoption(s)
GN Admission date 2007-01-01 103 adoption(s)
GW Admission date 2006-11-01
GY Admission date 2001-11-01 173 adoption(s)
HT Admission date 2002-05-01
HN Admission date 2007-08-01 12 adoption(s)
JM Admission date 2001-11-01 26 adoption(s)
KG Admission date 2003-12-01 adoption(s)
LA Admission date 2002-06-01 103 adoption(s)
LB Admission date 2001-11-01 313 adoption(s)
LS Admission date 2005-07-01
LR Admission date 2016-11-16
MG Admission date 2005-04-01 43 adoption(s)
MW Admission date 2001-11-01 223 adoption(s)
ML Admission date 2001-11-01 12 adoption(s)
MR Admission date 2002-06-01
MU Admission date 2001-11-01 49 adoption(s)
MN Admission date 2002-01-01 70 adoption(s)
MZ Admission date 2003-03-01
MM Admission date 2007-11-01 133 adoption(s)
NA Admission date 2001-11-01 59 adoption(s)
NP Admission date 2001-11-01
NI Admission date 2019-06-13
NE Admission date 2006-09-01 56 adoption(s)
PS Admission date 2009-04-01 233 adoption(s)
PA Admission date 2003-04-01
PG Admission date 2004-05-01 31 adoption(s)
PY Admission date 2001-12-01
RW Admission date 2001-11-01 376 adoption(s)
KN Admission date 2013-09-12
LC Admission date 2002-04-01 38 adoption(s)
VC Admission date 2008-01-01
ST Admission date 2018-03-20
SN Admission date 2002-04-01 67 adoption(s)
SC Admission date 2001-11-01
SL Admission date 2003-03-01 27 adoption(s)
SO Admission date 2021-12-22
SS Admission date 2013-04-09
SD Admission date 2004-04-01 205 adoption(s)
SR Admission date 2008-11-04 183 adoption(s)
SY Admission date 2016-07-04
TZ Admission date 2001-11-01 129 adoption(s)
TG Admission date 2006-04-01 568 adoption(s)
TT Admission date 2007-01-01 20 adoption(s)
TM Admission date 2001-12-01
UY Admission date 2001-07-01 212 adoption(s)
UZ Admission date 2015-10-25 69 adoption(s)
YE Admission date 2002-04-01
ZM Admission date 2002-03-01 312 adoption(s)
ZW Admission date 2001-11-01 98 adoption(s)