International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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World trade & development

Enabling world trade

The IEC International Standards and CA (Conformity Assessment) activities facilitate world trade by removing technical barriers between countries and/or regions. This helps to develop new markets and achieve economic growth.

Put simply, using one of the IEC CA Systems, an electrical or electronic device manufactured to the IEC International Standard in Country A can be tested in that country once, and then sold and used in countries B through to Z. This is possible because they all use the same IEC International Standard, or the equivalent national or regional standard.

IEC Standards and CA lie at the heart of the global trading system as defined by the WTO (World Trade Organization) in its TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade) Agreement. Under that agreement, WTO member countries look to IEC International Standards and CA activities as the basis for their national voluntary standards, mandatory technical regulations and conformity assessment practices.


Encouraging development

Participation in the IEC helps countries to achieve considerable social and economic benefits for their industry, regulators and consumers in general. Improvements include better quality, increased productivity, reduced business costs, and increased compatibility for products and services.

By participating in the standardization work a given country's experts can network with world experts in a particular technology. Access to the projects and draft standards also helps in the knowledge and technology transfer to those countries.

In addition, by using the IEC's conformity assessment framework, countries can use the global community of testing laboratories to help ensure that electrical and electronic products, components or systems imported, exported or used are safe, energy efficient and provide for sustainable development with a minimal impact on the environment.