International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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The future

In 1906, as the IEC was being created, a British author described a future where housewives cooked with electricity instead of fire and people could leave messages on telephone answering machines. What technology awaits us in the future? If you want to know, ask someone who has a lot of future ahead of them because it will be their ideas and their passions that shape it.


We already know some of the areas where things will change dramatically. Energy generation, manufacturing, information technology, the environment, the home, health, telecommunication and transportation are just a few, and there are many more. Everywhere that we find electricity and electronics, we will see important change. Everywhere that we find electricity and electronics, we will find IEC standards.


The market is a complex interplay of innovation, of business, of buyers and sellers, of makers and consumers. Good ideas succeed in the market and when the market says Go, the IEC moves to standardize them. The ideas that will change our future will come from people whose passion leads them to bring something to this world that wasn’t here before. Some of those ideas will revolutionize our world, some will modify it slightly. All of them will be important somehow.


The IEC also has its place in tomorrow’s world. We may not yet know what that world will look like, but we’ll be there to play our part.


See you in the future.