International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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The IEC and SMEs

The IEC offers a forum in which formal communication networks that cross international borders may be easily developed, where companies can network within a vibrant community of customers, manufacturers, technical experts and government representatives. From this networking come distinct advantages.


First, standards are the compromise result of competing interests. Your presence means your interests are represented and by being present, you can counter unfavourable bias.


Secondly, you can acquire information that enables you to anticipate, before other stakeholders, circumstances that have not yet widely manifested themselves in the market.


Standards help to make design and manufacturing simpler. By using standards, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time. Instead, you can focus on creating something new.


As for improving safety and quality of products, nobody today can pretend to know all there is about a certain technology. Within IEC working groups you will encounter ideas some of which will be new and valuable, others which may help you to avoid making costly mistakes.


Lastly, because IEC working groups consist of people from both large and small companies, the small ones are seen to be players of equal weight with the big players. This enhances industry and peer recognition, and creates the potential for future opportunities.


By using IEC standards companies create business opportunities, cut down on manufacturing costs and time, optimize testing and enter new markets. Assessing conformity of goods and services to IEC standards helps businesses to guarantee the high quality of their products and helps to assure consumers that what they buy is safe to use and performs as expected.


But the IEC’s real impact is that it offers a technological foundation upon which business can innovate. Standards stabilize products and services in the market, giving companies a return on investment. This helps them to grow and go on to develop more products and services. In electrotechnology, where the inventors and engineers have always been intimately involved with the use society puts their creations to, the IEC’s technological expertise is what allows these developments to happen.

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Wolfgang Reichelt, CEO
Block Transformatoren–
Elektronik GmbH

2006 IEC
Lord Kelvin Award winner





















"I spent a lot of time, alot of money, to participate in the world of standardization of IEC. The people ask me "Mr. Reichelt what is the success for you and for your company"... and my answer is "I don't know, but when I start the work in the IEC I had 80 people and now when I get this nice award I have more than 500 people."