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Annual Report 2010


Performance Report


Technical Work - SMB

LVDC power distribution


SMB (Standardization Management Board) SG (Strategic Group) 4: LVDC distribution systems up to 1500V DC, was set up in 2009 with the objective to have a global systematic approach and to align and coordinate activities in many areas where LVDC (low-voltage direct current) is used such as green data centres, commercial buildings, electricity storage for all mobile products (with batteries), electric vehicles, and so forth, including all mobile products with batteries, lighting, multimedia, ICT etc. with electronic supply units.


In the report following its meeting in Washington, DC, USA, in September, SG 4 made recommendations to SMB. The first two dealt with the title and the scope of the group. Within its scope, SG 4 proposed to set up a roadmap on how to reach a global systematic approach on LVDC. A first draft of the roadmap is expected in early 2011.


The third recommendation concerned the objectives of SG4: to have a global systematic approach on LVDC distribution to obtain a harmonized strategy and view within all technical bodies involved; to align and coordinate all necessary activities within all technical bodies involved and ensure an integral approach in standardization in this specific area.