International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SDG 1 & SDG 2: Enable access to basic services


SDG 1 and SGD 2


Often access to a reliable supply of electricity, clean water, education, more efficient farming and off-grid lighting are the first steps to overcoming poverty.

By strengthening the cold chain post-harvest and slaughtering, food waste and greenhouse gas
emissions could be halved. This would directly help reduce world hunger. Today, more then 1/3 of food produced is not eaten, and much is wasted due to a lack of cooling. IEC work provides the foundation for
domestic and industrial cooling systems. The IEC also helps increase disaster resilience for basic infrastructure and enables advances in agriculture.


1.4 Equal rights to economic resources, access to basic services,
appropriate new technology

IEC work provides the technical foundation for access to services such as electricity, clean water, education, more efficient farming, lighting, information technology or refrigeration.

1.5 Reduce exposure and vulnerability to climate-related events and other economic, social and environmental shocks and disasters

IEC International Standards technical ftechnical fhelp increase the resilience of basic infrastructure in the face of disasters and reduce their economic and social impact. Testing and certification allow governments to better manage quality and risk of infrastructure and devices to protect the basic safety of people and the environment.

2.1 Ensure access by all people to safe nutritious and sufficient food all year round

IEC work provides the foundation for domestic and industrial cooling systems to reduce food spoilage and keep food longer fresh and safe from the producer, to the manufacturer, to the consumer.

2.3 Increase agricultural productivity and income of small-scale food producers

The impact of electricity in agriculture is far reaching. IEC work covers lighting used in chick and pig farming or for growing plants; electric motors that drive barn machines such as root cutters, grain
crushers, hay driers; ventilation or water pumps; electric fences, milking machines and refrigerated
milk tanks, and much more.



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