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IEC White Paper: Grid integration of large-capacity Renewable Energy sources and use of large-capacity Electrical Energy Storage

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White Paper

Grid integration of large-capacity
Renewable Energy sources and
use of large-capacity Electrical
Energy Storage


This White Paper, by the IEC MSB (Market Strategy Board), analyzes the role of large-capacity EES (Electrical Energy Storage) to integrate large-capacity RE (Renewable Energy) sources.


The Paper primary goal is to provide a global view on the state of the art and future directions for grid integration of large-capacity RE sources and the application of large-capacity EES for that purpose. It identifies challenges for grid operators and producers of electricity, and provides insights into current and potential methods for addressing these difficulties. The paper aims to support grid integration efforts around the world by providing guidance to the electric utility industry, policy makers and the IEC standardization and conformity assessment community.


Section 1 and 2 provide background information on the state of RE generation, and the challenges of integrating these sources into the grid.

Section 3 describes currently applied key practices and technologies for grid integration of large-capacity RE sources.


Section 4 explores future technologies and practical needs of the grid as RE penetration increases. This represents the heart of the report.

Section 5 discusses the role of EES as a supportive technology for grid integration of RE, and maps its roles onto the general needs identified in section 4.

Section 6 connects the information from the previous five sections with relevant IEC standardization activities, and identifies future standardization needs.

Section 7 provides a strategic overview and recommendations to the relevant policy-makers, regulators, power utilities, industry and research communities, as well as the IEC’s own committees. The IEC MSB believes that future implementation of these recommendations is the factor which will constitute the greatest added value of this publication.


This White Paper was developed with CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) of major technology companies who participate in the IEC MSB in cooperation with RASEI (the Renewable And Sustainable Energy Institute) at NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology, US) and the University of Colorado at Boulder, and SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China).

It is the third in a series whose purpose is to ensure that the IEC can continue to contribute to the solution of global challenges in electrotechnology through its International Standards and Conformity Assessment Services.