International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Processes and Procedures

Processes & Procedures

Standards Development

Stage Codes

Code Meaning Deliverable
ACD Approved for CD IS, TS, TR
ACDV Approved for CDV IS, TS, TR
ADTR Approved for DTR TR
ADTS Approved for DTS TS
AFDIS Approved for FDIS IS
APUB Approved for publication IS, TS, TR, PAS
BPUB Being published IS, TS, TR, PAS
CAN Draft cancelled IS, TS, TR, PAS
CD Draft circulated as CD IS, TS, TR
CDM CD to be discussed at meeting IS, TS, TR
CCDV Draft circulated as CDV IS
CDVM Rejected CDV to be discussed at a meeting IS
CFDIS Draft circulated as FDIS IS
CDPAS Draft circulated as DPAS PAS
CDTR Draft circulated as DTR TR
CDTS Draft circulated as DTS TS
DTRM Rejected DTR to be discussed at meeting TR
DTSM Rejected DTS to be discussed at meeting TS
DECFDIS FDIS at editing check IS
DECPUB Publication at editing check IS, TS, TR, PAS
DEL Deleted/abandoned IS, TS, TR
DELPUB Deleted publication IS, TS, TR, PAS
NCDV CDV rejected IS
NDTR DTR rejected TR
NDTS DTS rejected TS
NFDIS FDIS rejected IS
PCC Preparation of CC IS, TS, TR
PNW New work item proposal IS, TS
PPUB Publication issued IS, TS, TR, PAS
PRVC Preparation of RVC IS
PRVD Preparation of RVD IS
PRVDTR Preparation of RVDTR TR
PRVDTS Preparation of RVDTS TS
PRVN Preparation of RVN IS, TS

Preliminary work item

RFDIS FDIS received and registered IS
RPUB Publication received and registered IS, TS, TR, PAS
TCDV Translation of CDV IS
TDTR Translation of DTR TR
TDTS Translation of DTS TS
TFDIS Translation of FDIS IS
TPUB Translation of publication IS, TS, TR
WPUB Publication withdrawn IS, TS, TR, PAS