International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


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Instructions for downloading and using the IEC Forms

The IEC forms are stored in this directory in the form of Word for Windows templates.


Download all the files you need.


With modern browsers, clicking on the files will normally open the file directly in the browser.


In order to save the file, you need to right-click (on a MAC, Apple-click) on the link. Choose the option "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." (or similar, depending on your browser) to save the file.


Some browsers, notably Internet Explorer, do not recognize template files correctly when you try to download them and they will try to rename with ".doc" extension. When you save the file, ensure that it carries the correct ".dot" filename extension required for Word templates.


Using the Windows Explorer, locate the files you have downloaded, normally in your download folder, and select all of them. They will normally be displayed consecutively, so to select them, click on the first file, then press the Shift key and click on the last file.


You then need to move the template files to your standard Word Template folder. You can determine your template folder from Word by clicking Tools, Options, File locations. Your template folders are shown under User templates (and sometimes also under Workgroup templates, depending on your installation). The location of the template folder will depend on the version of Word you have installed, as well as the configuration of your operating system.


To use the templates, start Word as normal, click on File, New and then on the corresponding form and OK. A new document based on the form will be created and can then be subsequently manipulated as any standard Word document.


As an alternative, you might wish to download the files FORMS.ZIP or FORMS.EXE, which are zipped versions and self-extracting zipped versions of the complete collection respectively. The former file requires you to have unzipping software, whilst the latter file should simply be executed. You will need to specify the folder into which the files should be extracted.