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Figures and tables

(The full requirements are described in the ISO/IEC Directives Part 2:2011, 6.6.5 / 6.6.6)


Figures and tables are used when they are the most efficient means of presenting information.


All figures and tables should be numbered, have a title and be referenced in the main body of the text.


Titles shall be placed above tables and below figures.


Language-dependent labels in figures should be replaced by language-independent references (like a/b/c or 1/2/3...) and a textual key to the references placed below the figure. For more information, please consult our pages dedicated to the Directives' rules and our recommendations on using text in figures.


Notes to a figure are placed outside the figure, above the figure title. Notes to a table are placed within the table at the bottom.


Figures can be subdivided, but not tables. Subdivided figures should have an overall title in addition to any sub-figure titles.


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