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Drafting IEC publications



Cross-references to elements in the text

(The full requirements are described in the ISO/IEC Directives Part 2:2011, 6.6.7.)


Cross references within the text shall be as precise as possible. The structure and subdivision of the subject matter into numbered elements shall be such that cross-references are unambiguous. Use, for example, the following forms:

  • “in accordance with Clause 3”;
  • “according to 3.1”;
  • “as specified in 3.1 b)”;
  • “details as given in 3.1.1”;
  • “see Annex B”;
  • “the requirements given in B.2”;
  • “see the Note in Table 2”;
  • “see 6.6.3, Example 2”;
  • “see 3.1, Formula (3)”.


Imprecise references such as "this Clause" and "this Annex" shall not be used.


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