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Drafting IEC publications




(The full requirements are described in the ISO/IEC Directives Part 2:2011, 6.3.8 and 6.4.1.)


There are two types of annexes: normative and informative. An annex’s normative or informative status shall be made clear by the way in which it is referred to in the text, by an indication in the table of contents and under the heading of the annex.


Annexes are identified by letters starting from A.


Clauses and subclauses in an annex are numbered as in the body of the standard but preceded by the annex identifier. This also applies to figures and tables.


Note: To format the title and automate the numbering of annexes, the IEC standard template provides a style named ANNEX_title. Please apply this style to the titles of all annexes you create.


Normative annexes give provisions additional to those in the body of the document. Their presence is conditional.


Informative annexes give additional information intended to assist the understanding or use of the document. They shall not contain material that is mandatory for the application of the standard. However, they may contain optional requirements.



When an informative annex contains a test method that is optional, it may contain requirements which apply in the context of that test method. But there is no need to comply with these requirements in order to claim compliance with the document.