International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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Drafting IEC publications



The IEC template

The IEC template ( is the basis for the formatting and layout of all IEC publications. It contains the styles, boilerplate texts and automation features for IEC publications.


Important: To use the IEC template, its styles and functionalities, authors must save it once on their computers and then attach it to every working document.


A document without the template attached will not benefit from its features.


Note: For IEV documents (IEC 60050), please use the template instead of from the download list below.


Working with the template

1. Download the file below and save it in Word's Templates folder on your computer.

2. Attach the template to your working document.

3. Use the template's styles and features in MS Word.


For more detailed information, consult the User guide.




File name
IEC template, Version 5, in English downloadable file 670 kB
IEC template in French, Version 5, for French translations downloadable file 250 kB
User guide to the IEC template
(current version: 1.4)
IEC-template-V5_User-guide.pdf installation and user guide icon 2,3 MB
Keyboard shortcuts for some frequently used Word commands Useful-Word-shortcuts_v3.pdf installation and user guide icon 130 kB
Administrative circular on version 5 of the IEC template 201325e.pdf installation and user guide icon 100 kB
IEV template, Version 1,
in English and French installation and user guide icon 351 kB
IEV template styles styles.pdf installation and user guide icon 107 kB


New version 5

With version 5 of the IEC template, various features have been added compared to the previous version. It remains, however, fully compatible with all versions of Word between 2002 and 2010 and can be used for documents elaborated with the previous version of the IEC template.

New features:

Model structure of an International Standard

To help experts draft a publication from scratch, the outline of a typical International Standard has been added. It shows the first four clauses, typical subclauses, an annex and examples of figures and tables.


Terminology mask

An input mask for terminological entries helps experts to input and format terms and definitions in accordance with the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2, 2012.


New table of contents

The IEC table of contents can now be used in all language versions of Word (before, it only worked in English Word interfaces).


Other features

  • New styles to format numbered bibliographies, terminology and other elements
  • Buttons to insert new Annexes, Figure and Table titles, and Equations
  • Overhauled IEC toolbars

Please also consult the new User guide to the IEC template, which provides instructions on working with the template and useful tips and tricks for preparing IEC publications in Word.