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Document preparation

Drafting IEC publications



The IEC Layout team

The IEC Layout team takes care of the appearance of IEC publications. They ensure all documents are based on the IEC standard template, apply the required styles to the various text elements and prepare a document in such a way that it will clearly be recognisable as an IEC publication.


The Layout team ensures that the structure of a document is represented visually, by applying styles that clearly distinguish, for instance, a clause from a subclause, a normal text paragraph from a note, or a term from its definition.


However, they cannot determine the structure of a publication - they cannot decide which is a clause and which is a subclause, where a note ends and the next paragraph begins etc.


The subdivision and the numbering scheme for each document needs to be specified by the TC, in accordance with the rules of the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2. Authors to identify the different text elements by applying the styles from the IEC template to their text, such as "TERM-number / TERM / TERM-definition" and "TABLE-title / FIGURE-title".


If you are an author and you are not quite sure how to work with styles defined in a template, then please read our pages on formatting a document with styles and on the IEC standard template.


Of course, the Layout team will be happy to advise you on different aspects of document formatting. If you are having difficulties with a particular document, do not hesitate to contact us.