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Figures in publications - workflow

To illustrate text in publications, the use of figures is very valuable because of their explanatory power. A figure consists of an image and a figure caption and can include a key and notes.


To use figures in a publication, please proceed as follows:

  1. Use an appropriate tool to create the image (different tools exist for drawings, diagrams, photos etc.). Choose the desired dimensions for the image, then add text.
  2. When you have finished working on the image, export it to a non-editable file format (a format in which the image cannot be modified, such as .jpg or.tif) and insert this into the Word document.
  3. Add figure caption (figure number + title), and apply the style FIGURE-title from the IEC template. Add other elements as necessary (key, notes...).
  4. When you send the Word document to the IEC for editing, please also send in all image files in the native format of the original image editing software, so the IEC Figures team can work on them wherever necessary.


Please ensure the files are labelled in a consistent and comprehensible manner (see our recommendations on naming schemes).

The IEC Figures team will then check if the figures are fit for publication and modify them as necessary. If extensive modifications are required, the Figures team will contact you.

After publication, you can request the updated images through your Technical Officer.

This diagram gives an overview of the steps involved in creating figures for a publication.


figure development