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Accepted file formats for images

In addition to the figures in the Word document, the IEC Figures team needs image files in a format they can work with. Preferably, send us files in the native format of the application in which the images were prepared.


Often you may only have a bitmap file (such as .tif, .jpg, .bmp...). Photos and scans mostly come in one of these formats. In this case, send us what you have but please be aware that our possibilities of working with these images will be limited.


We accept images in the following native file formats:



MS Word

vsd / vdx

MS Visio


MS PowerPoint


MS Excel


The tools used by the Figures team may also be able to handle other image file formats, but please be aware that there may be compatibility problems.


For graphics in other formats, or if you are having problems with an image, please send your files to the IEC Figures team so they can propose a solution.