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The IEC Figures team

The IEC Figures team ensures that all illustrations in an International Standard comply with the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2, and are of maximum use to the readers.

The Figures team does not create new graphics. They review the images submitted by the work groups at CDV stage and modify them as necessary before the FDIS goes out for vote. For instance, the Figures team make changes to font types and sizes, improve the visibility of lines and adapt textual elements in figures for the French edition of an IEC publication.

They are also responsible for the management of images in documents. They carry out checks across the different editions of a document, across the various parts of a series, and across the languages (English / French), to ensure a maximum amount of consistency.

A reference number is attributed to images once they have been revised at the IEC, and serves as a unique identifier. This ensures that after publication, you can request images with an IEC reference number to be sent to you for maintenance work on your document.

If an image is provided in insufficient quality and better quality cannot be obtained, the Figures team may consider redrawing the image. The example below shows the result of the Figure team's intervention.


Before: scan - bad quality



After: redrawn


If you need any advice or help in the preparation of your figures, please send the figures and a description of the problem to the IEC Figures team, and they will propose a solution.