International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Processes and Procedures

Processes & Procedures

Standards Development

Stage Codes

Code Meaning Equivalent harmonized stage code
1CD 1st Committee Draft 30.2
2CD 2nd Committee Draft 32.35
3CD 3rd Committee Draft 32.35
4CD 4th Committee Draft 32.35
5CD 5th Committee Draft 32.35
6CD 6th Committee Draft 32.35
7CD 7th Committee Draft 32.35
8CD 8th Committee Draft 32.35
9CD 9th Committee Draft 32.35
A2CD Approved for 2nd Committee Draft 30.99
A3CD Approved for 3rd Committee Draft 35.92
A4CD Approved for 4th Committee Draft 35.92
A5CD Approved for 5th Committee Draft 35.92
A6CD Approved for 6th Committee Draft 35.92
A7CD Approved for 7th Committee Draft 35.92
A8CD Approved for 8th Committee Draft 35.92
A9CD Approved for 9th Committee Draft 35.92
ACDV Draft approved for Committee Draft with Vote 35.99
ADIS Approved for FDIS circulation 40.99
ADISSB FDIS manuscript subcontracted to CO 40.95
AMW Approved Maintenance Work 20
ANW Approved New Work 20
APUB Draft approved for publication 50.99
APUBSB PUB manuscript subcontracted to CO 50.95
BPUB Publication being printed 60
BWG Draft returned to Working Group 30.92
CAN Draft cancelled 20.98
CCDV Draft circulated as Committee Draft with Vote 40.2
CDIS Draft circulated as FDIS 50.2
CDM Committee Draft to be discussed at Meeting 35.95
CDPAS Circulated Draft for Publicly Available Spec. 50.2
CDTR Circulated Draft Technical Report 50.2
CDTS Circulated Draft Technical Specification 50.2
CDVM Committee draft with vote for meeting 40.91
DEC Draft at Editing Check 40.99
DEL Deleted items 20.98
DELPUB Deleted Publication 99.6
DREJ Draft rejected 30.98
MERGED Merged project 30.97
NADIS FDIS not approved 40.93
NCD CCDV not approved 50.92
PNW Proposed New Work 10
PPUB Publication issued 60.6

Preliminary work item

RDIS Text for FDIS received and registered 50
SPE Special Handling 99.99
SRP Publication under Systematic Review 95.92