International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Processes and Procedures

Processes & Procedures

Standards Development

Development process

Proposal stage

New Work Item Proposal (NP) (FormNP)

A proposal for new work generally originates from industry via a National Committee. It is communicated to the members of the appropriate TC or SC accompanied by a form.


A new work item proposal is approved after a 3 months commenting and voting period, if :

  • a simple majority of the committee’s P-members approve the new work item and
  • if the minimum number of experts are nominated by P-members’ approving the new work item proposal. For committees with 16 or less P-members, a minimum of 4 experts and for committees with 17 or more P-members, a minimum of 5 experts.


A new work item proposal (NP) is a proposal for:

  • a new standard;
  • a new part of an existing standard;
  • a Technical Specification


A new work item proposal may be made by:

  • a national body;
  • the secretariat of that technical committee or subcommittee;
  • another technical committee or subcommittee;
  • an organization in liaison;
  • the technical management board or one of its advisory groups;
  • the Chief Executive Officer.