International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Smart grid

Smart Grid

Optimal electricity delivery


Why you should use International Standards

You are a manufacturer


You have large R&D investments that you need to amortize. To do so, you want to sell your products to as many customers and markets as possible.


That's why you have every interest to use International Standards. Not only will your products be relevant in many more markets, you will often also have faster access to these markets, because they use International Standards in their conformity assessments.


Finally, International Standards make it easier for you to use standardized components (cost-reduction) that fit everywhere (interoperability) and enable technology transfer, which might in turn be of interest if you want to produce closer to your customers.


If you want to be able to convince your customers that their Smart Grid investments are sound and durable, International Standards give you a good argument.