International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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  • Powering the planet with water
    World Water Day 22 March 2015

    The special link between water and energy

  • Celebrating women who bridge the STEM gap
    International Women's Day 8 March 2015

    Outstanding leadership shown by key women in electrotechnical standardization and conformity assessment, amid calls to encourage more women in the STEM fields.

  • Digital meets the visible world
    The future of 3D printing

    IEC e-tech attended a presentation by Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk during CES 2015. Carl Bass has been a pioneer of 3D printing.

  • Wearing it well
    The great potential of wearables

    Wearable technology was again one of the main themes at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, USA, where almost 600 exhibitors were displaying their products.

  • Getting Smart about Energy
    Introducing the IEC Systems Committee Smart Energy

    Insights into systems level standardization, coordination and guidance for Smart Grid and Smart Energy.

  • Tech trends 2015
    Insights from author of 'Digital Destiny Shawn' DuBravac

    The 2015 CES was again a show of records, reflecting the growing importance of consumer electronics and connected devices.

  • Leading from the front
    Introducing 2014 IEC Young Professional Leaders

    During the IEC Young Professionals workshop in Tokyo in November 2014, three 2014 Young Professional Leaders were elected.

  • World Radio Day 2015
    IEC has been setting standards for radio for nearly 90 years

    The IEC has been at the forefront of developments in radio broadcasting and will continue to prove central to the vitality of the industry.

  • Major energy efficiency moves for electric motors
    New IE3 regulations bring up to 50% energy savings

    Electric motor systems are estimated to be responsible for 46% of electricity use worldwide so even small improvements can lead to huge energy savings.

  • 50 years of expertise…and counting
    Lev Travin, a leading expert in HVDC power transmission

    Travin has devoted 50 years of his life to the IEC, as an expert, and for the past 24 years, as the Secretary of SC 22F.

  • Lights, sensors, game on
    A multitude of electrical and electronic systems helps fans enjoy sporting events

    New installations, enabled by IEC International Standards, provide a safer environment where fans can enjoy watching their favourite sports games and events.

  • Orchestrating Infrastructure for Sustainable Smart Cities
    New White Paper from the IEC, with CEPS as principal partner

    This White Paper explains the what, who and how of Smart City development.

  • Keeping kids safe with a new international guide from IEC and ISO
    New international guide from the IEC and ISO

    We all want kids to be safe, yet more than 830 000 children die needlessly each year from injuries and accidents that could have been prevented.

  • Safe lighting for everyone, everywhere
    International Year of Light gets underway

    Lighting plays an important role in our everyday lives. However there are 1.2 billion people worldwide who lack access to electricity and electric lighting.

  • Keeping data safe - what's your back up?

    New IEC and ISO International Standard for data storage security ensures your valuable information stays in safe hands.

  • Lights, camera, action!
    Six new short videos showcase IEC work

    As part of making its work accessible and understood by a wider audience, the IEC has recently launched a series of mini films.

  • Integration toward a Smarter World
    Open Session of the 78th IEC General Meeting

    An interesting overview of several different projects that aim to integrate complex systems in order to achieve better outcomes for society and the environment.

  • The IEC’s next generation shines bright
    Overview of the IEC Young Professionals 2014 workshop

    A record number of participants attended the fifth IEC Young Professionals workshop held in November 2014, in conjunction with the 78th IEC General Meeting.

  • IEC and USB-IF expand cooperation to support next-generation high-speed data delivery and device charging applications

    Expanded international standards cooperation to include the latest USB-IF specifications for high-speed data delivery and enhanced usages for device charging: USB Power Delivery, USB 3.1 and USB Type-C Cable and Connector specifications.

  • Aiming for accessibility for all
    IEC, ISO and ITU publish new international accessibility guide

    Guide 71 provides practical advice to standards developers so that from the start they can address accessibility in standards that focus, either directly or indirectly, on any type of system that people use.

  • Energy storage helps power world ahead
    Balancing power generation and demand requires the right storage solutions

    To balance increasing levels of intermittent RE generation from wind and solar systems, EES (Electrical Energy Storage) solutions are needed that use and store energy efficiently and help improve grid stability and flexibility.

  • Highest global prize in electrotechnology awarded to Dr Shuji Hirakawa of Toshiba
    34th Lord Kelvin Award attributed in recognition of exceptional long-term contributions to enable sustainable global trade in electrical and electronic devices and systems

    The IEC Lord Kelvin Award, the highest global prize in electrotechnology honours Dr Shuji Hirakawa’s long-term contribution to increasing the technical harmonization that enables global trade and his outstanding commitment to the mission of the IEC.

  • Global event with 2 200 technology experts kicks off in Tokyo today
    International collaborative platform to help build a smarter world - IEC 78th General Meeting 10-14 November

    Today, more than 2 200 global technology leaders and experts are coming together in Tokyo, Japan for a week-long meeting to focus on practical solutions to make the world safer, and more sustainable.

  • Organizing cloud chaos
    Two new International Standards provide a sound foundation

    The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have recently published two new International Standards for cloud computing: ISO/IEC 17788 and ISO/IEC 17789.

  • Tackling cyber security threats
    Today's fully automated controls systems require a specific approach to safety and security

    IECEE is developing the necessary strategy to minimize exposure to these risks

  • World Standards Day 2014
    Standards level the playing field

    Today, products that are consumed in one market are no longer “made in one country”; they are “made in the world”.

  • Tackling cyber security threats
    Today's fully automated controls systems require a specific approach to safety and security

    IECEE is developing the necessary strategy to minimize exposure to these risks

  • Full steam ahead!
    Showcasing the work of IEC TC 5: Steam Turbines

    With global demand for electricity exploding, steam turbines have a hot future ahead.

  • Expanding trade opportunities for Euro-Asian countries
    IEC and EASC sign renewed Cooperation Agreement

    A renewed Cooperation Agreement between IEC and Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification will help to expand trade opportunities.

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