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News release – 2014 Number 03

Closer ties to build trade and share expertise

Statement of Cooperation signed between the IEC, RusAccreditation and Rosstandart


Geneva, Switzerland, 2014-02-04 – In a move that will bring benefits to both Russian companies operating in international markets and international companies working in the Russian market, the IEC and Russian Federal standardization and conformity assessment agencies have signed a Statement of Cooperation.


The 23 December 2013 Statement of Cooperation was agreed between the IEC, Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology, the national standardization body of the Russian Federation) and RusAccreditation (Russian Federal Accreditation Service). The IEC was represented by former IECEE Executive Secretary & COO Pierre de Ruvo, while the Head of Rosstandart Grigory Elkin and the Head of RusAccreditation Savva Shipov represented the Russian agencies.

Moving closer to one test, one certificate, all markets

The Statement of Cooperation represents a significant step in enabling increased trade with Russia. It aims to eliminate excessive regulation in the trade of electrotechnical products, facilitating, for example, the acceptance of certificates issued by IECEE (IEC System for Conformity Assessment of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components). Put simply, this Statement of Cooperation means that the “one test, one certificate, all markets” vision is moving one step closer to becoming a reality.


Elkin, the head of Rosstandart, noted that the Statement of Cooperation will promote a close cooperation with the IEC. He also emphasised the importance of establishing unified procedures for the recognition of the certificates issued by members of IECEE conformity testing and certification schemes.

Opportunities for Russian technical experts

Savva Shipov, the Head of RusAccreditation, stated that as well as expanding opportunities for international cooperation, this new agreement allows specialists from Russia, who are recognised by IECEE as technical experts, to take part in the accreditation processes.


The IEC Conformity Assessment Systems such as IECEE help to reduce technical barriers to trade. They also help to reduce evaluation time for products, the cost of testing and time to market.


De Ruvo thanked all who participated in the preparation of the document on the Russian side, especially the experts of Rosstandart, RusAccreditation and the public corporation VNIIS (Russian Research Institute for Certification JSC).


Since 1995, the active participation of Russia in the IECEE has seen the implementation of procedures for recognizing foreign conformity assessment certificates, lowering the cost of electrical products for consumers. It has also simplified the administration of conformity assessment certificates that are accepted in 52 industrialized countries without adding costs for re-testing electrotechnical conformity.


IECEE (IEC System for Conformity Assessment of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components) administers third party conformity testing and certification schemes that address the safety, quality, efficiency and overall performance of components and goods for the home, office or health facilities. Members of the System issue test reports and certificates that are mutually accepted by all other members of the System. This eliminates duplication and saves time and money.


The IECEE is also the exclusive issuer of the PV Quality Mark for PV components and the PV Quality Seal for PV systems. They are the universally recognized confirmation for the quality of photovoltaic products.


IECEE operates the CB Scheme and the Full Certification Scheme which includes factory inspections. The IECEE website provides a complete list of product categories.