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News release – 2012 Number 08

IEC endorses four USB-IF standards

Commission adopts technology specifications to address global need for universal data and charging interface


GENEVA, Switzerland and BEAVERTON, Ore., USA, 2012-09-11 – The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and the USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) today announced IEC adoption of four USB-IF specifications to enable global standards and interoperability for data transfer and charging. Those include the Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) specification, USB Cables & Connectors specification v2.0, USB Battery Charging specification v1.2, and Micro-USB Cables and Connectors specification v1.01.


SuperSpeed USB cable and connector

USB-IF specifications are recognized around the world as the de facto USB standards. IEC adoption and endorsement of four USB-IF specifications elevate these standards to a formal international level of recognition.


Most WTO (World Trade Organization) member states rely on IEC International Standards as the technical basis for their laws and regulations for electronic and electrical devices and systems. The inclusion of USB-IF specifications into IEC International Standards provides additional protection for the USB brand within the technology industry worldwide. Many organizations rely on IEC International Standards for their procurement processes, and the adoption of USB specifications into IEC International Standards opens new opportunities for USB technology solutions in this area.


The four above-mentioned USB-IF specifications have been included in the newly approved IEC International Standard IEC 62680, Universal Serial Bus interfaces for data and power. The Standard has been developed by IEC TC (Technical Committee) 100: Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment, TA (Technical Area) 14, and has now been formally accepted by IEC Member states through their National Committees. The agreement between IEC and USB-IF allows for the adoption of additional USB specifications into IEC International Standards in the future.


“IEC has worked with the USB-IF to give consumers worldwide standard solutions for data and charging applications. We believe that the broad adoption of USB specifications will enhance IEC International Standards for a wide range of applications,” says Ronnie Amit, General Secretary and CEO of the IEC. “This collaboration benefits manufacturers and consumers by broadening global support and recognition of these specifications,” explains Mr. Shuichi Matsumura, Technical Area Manager of TA 14 and Senior Expert, Standards Strategy Office at Fujitsu Limited. TA 14 was the first IEC Technical Area to include USB specifications into an IEC International Standard.


“Worldwide recognition from IEC helps further advance USB-IF’s world-wide position in data transfer and charging,” said Jeff Ravencraft, President & COO, USB-IF. “In addition to current joint efforts, IEC and USB-IF will continue to collaborate to promote the adoption of USB specifications within the IEC.”