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News release – 2012 Number 07

The world’s largest electricity providers promote energy development through electricity


Berlin, Germany, 2012-05-31 CEOs and chairs of the world’s leading utilities met on 31 May 2012 in Berlin to address issues around building a sustainable and affordable electricity supply, in both industrialized and developing countries.


Klaus Wucherer with the Chairman of the GSEP meeting, Dr Grossmann (RWE)

The GSEP (Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership) was founded 20 years ago, following the Rio Earth Summit and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The thirteen member companies from the US, France, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Russia, Japan, China and Germany supply a total of around one third of the electricity used worldwide. The GSEP invited the IEC to participate in the event and the Commission was represented by its President Dr Klaus Wucherer.


The meeting was chaired by Dr Grossmann from RWE, one of the founding members of the GSEP.


Event participants identified three major challenges needing to be addressed by the international power sector over the next 10 years:

  • Decarbonising power generation by balancing the energy mix, achieving higher energy efficiency.
    This involves increasing the share of renewables and low-carbon generation while ensuring the stability and quality of the electricity supply with a reliable base load.
  • Optimize transmission and distribution systems.
    This will require the installation of new technologies such as ultra-high voltage transmission, smart grids and smart meters at a reasonable cost.
  • Ensure stakeholder affordability for electric energy supply.

All of the above will require major investments in the power sector, as well as policy and regulatory frameworks.


The IEC can contribute actively by providing the sound technical foundation to help ensure unbiased market conditions and level the playing field among different technologies. It also provides a platform for sharing experiences about new technologies and best practices that can benefit all actors involved. The IEC’s active involvement in all Smart Grid projects globally, as well as its work in generation and transmission technologies such as ultra-high voltage transmission and wind, solar and marine energy generation allows companies to build reliable products for many markets, thus making them more affordable and ensuring long-term investment.


With 1.3 billion people in the world still lacking access to electricity, the GSEP is joining forces with major international organizations, including the IEC, to increase access to a sustainable and affordable supply of electricity.



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News release 2012-07

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