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Products overview

Products overview

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Value-added products


IEC value-added products focus on the changes contained in the new edition of a Publication. They give customers an instant and complete view of those changes along with additional information.


At present time, this category of Value-Added Products includes the Redline versions and the Commented versions.

The designation of a Redline or Commented version is identical to that of its base publication, with the addition of the suffix RLV for the Redline version and CMV for the Commentted version. Product’s file also bears a dedicated watermark.



Redline version (RLV)


IEC Redline version (RLV)is a package which includes both the new edition of a Publication and its Redline version. The Redline version clearly highlights all the changes between the new and the previous edition of a Publication, by using the track changes functionality of Microsoft ® Word: additions and deletions are displayed in red, with deletions being struck through.


Maintenance - A Redline version is automatically withdrawn when the corresponding base publication is withdrawn.


Remark - The development of a Redline version is not systematic. Criteria are the popularity of the Publication and the clear structure of the changes. If the changes are too much interwoven into the content, a Redline version may be unreadable and thus, lose the benefit of a clear and quick identification of the changes.


Commented version (CMV)


IEC Commented version (CMV)is the only Product where the consensus-based content of a Publication is enriched with technical information. It is made of a Redline version with highlighted areas where a leading expert has added significant and extensive comments on changes in the form of pop-up windows and attachments. The summary of comments and attachments is also provided at the end of the document.


Additionally, the Commented version is enabled for commenting and reviewing in Adobe® Reader® by customers.


Maintenance - A Commented version is automatically withdrawn when the corresponding base publication is withdrawn.


Remark - In order for customers to take full benefit from functionalities provided by a Commented version, it is available in electronic format only.