International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

Young Professionals Programme


A dynamic workshop

  • Exchange thoughts and ideas with your peers and the wider IEC community,
  • Learn more about the standardization and conformity assessment world and
  • Experience the IEC in action


About the IEC General Meeting


The IEC General Meeting is a key annual event for the IEC community. In a unique format, it brings together 1 000 or more key players from all over the world for management as well as technical meetings, creating exceptional opportunities for information exchange and networking at all levels.


About the SMB

The SMB is responsible for the management of the IEC’s standards work. It creates and sets the scopes of IEC TCs (Technical Committees) and SCs (Subcommittees). During SMB meetings, TCs report on their progress and discuss issues that have arisen.


About the CAB

The CAB is responsible for managing the IEC’s CA activities, including overseeing the IEC CA Systems. During CAB meetings, members discuss the CA policy and hear from the CAB’s working groups. The three IEC CA systems report on their progress and means to promote their various activities.

About Technical Committees (TC)


IEC TCs and SCs produce and ensure the maintenance of IEC International Standards. With some 174 TCs and SCs and close to 20 000 experts involved in the IEC’s standardization work. The large majority have an industrial background, while others are from test and research laboratories, government offices, academic institutions or consumer groups.


Last year’s participants said:


Young Proffesionals workshop

"During this workshop I've
really seen how the IEC is
organized and now I know how
it's built and how it's working.
A big thing about the IEC is
meeting from different
backgrounds, to reach
Mads Yde, Denmark



Young Proffesionals workshop

"What I found most valuable
is the interaction between the
different countries - coming up
with similar goals and a similar
aim. I actually think that's
something beautiful, taking the
maximum benefit out of diversity,
all the different experiences from
various countries...
I'm glad to be part of it, it's
definitely a unique opportunity."
Thahirah Jalal, New Zealand