International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

Young Professionals Programme



Junji Nomura

Junji Nomura - IEC President


Dr Junji Nomura became IEC President on 1 January 2014, for a three-year term, having served as President-Elect since 1 January 2013. Having been CTO since 2004, Dr Nomura is currently the Corporate Advisor, Energy Solution Business Promotion, at Panasonic Corporation. He was a member of the industrial association LonMark International until 2004 and is currently a member of the industrial technology committee of Nippon Keidanren and of, among others, a study group within the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. He is also a Fellow of the Operations Research Society of Japan.

Frans Vreeswijk

Frans Vreeswijk - IEC General Secretary & CEO


Mr Frans Vreeswijk became IEC General Secretary and CEO on 1 October 2012, having served as Deputy General Secretary since 1 March 2012. Prior to joining IEC Central Office, he worked for 30 years for Philips in the Netherlands, Austria and the USA, notably in research, healthcare and consumer electronics areas. Previously he was President of the Dutch National Committee of the IEC (NEC) and has served on the IEC CB and SMB as well as representing the Netherlands in CENELEC.

Katharine Fraga

Katharine Fraga - IEC Head of Governance and Global Strategy


Working for the IEC since 2004, Ms Katharine Fraga was originally involved in the IEC’s conformity assessment activities before moving to the General Secretary’s office in 2008, holding responsibilities associated with the IEC’s members and with management bodies. Currently she is Secretary of the Council, Council Board, Executive Committee and the Treasurer's Advisory Group and is the manager of the IEC Young Professionals Programme. Katharine has substantial experience in developing and implementing organizational strategy, stakeholder engagement, membership issues and strategic partnerships with other organizations.

Ricardo Luis Nava Garibay.

Ricardo Luis Nava Garibay - Chief Development Officer, Coletech


Mr Ricardo Nava started his conformity assessment and standardization career in 2011 as a Test Engineer Intern at ANCE (Asociacion de Normalizacion y Certificacion) and continued as Head of Strategic Purchasing at Grupo Arteche where he completed commercial agreements with High Voltage capacitors and fuses suppliers.


Later in 2013 he started working as a Design and Release Engineer at Ford Motor Company, performing design with standardized development processes on Body Interior Systems. While working in the automobile industry as a Computer-aided design (CAD) team leader, Nava co-founded two companies: TMDM and Coletech. The second company is focused on the installation of Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) systems within both residential and commercial sectors, aiming to penetrate large scale industry by 2017, and Nava is now Chief Development Officer there.


He is looking forward to support and collaborate with the Smart Grid industry, since its combination with Renewable Energy will drive the transition to a sustainable and environmentally responsible energy consumption for the years to come.

Dennis Chew

Dennis Chew - IEC Regional Director, Asia-Pacific Regional Centre


Mr Dennis Chew has been actively involved in international and regional standardization and related work for more than 15 years. He had served as the Secretary to the Singapore National Committee of the IEC before setting up the IEC Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (IEC-APRC) in 2002.  


As Regional Director of the IEC-APRC, Dennis has been actively promoting the IEC and encouraging the use of IEC international standards and conformity assessment systems to both industry and government bodies across the Asia-Pacific region.  


Dennis has extensive knowledge and experience on standards and conformance infrastructure and developments in APEC and ASEAN, having been involved in the development and implementation of the ASEAN Harmonized Regulatory Regime for Electrical and Electronic Equipment, regional Mutual Recognition Arrangements and the regional harmonization of standards and regulatory requirements.

Robert McLaren

Robert McLaren - IEC Young Professionals programme coordinator


Mr Robert McLaren studied International Relations at the Graduate Institute of International studies in Geneva, Switzerland. He then worked in Marketing for Caterpillar Inc. before joining the IEC in 2012. He is currently working in the Central Office as the IEC Young Professionals Programme coordinator and will be running the workshop in Frankfurt.

Mark Amos

Mark Amos - IECEx Business Manager


Mr Mark Amos is currently Business Manager for the IEC’s System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx). Prior to this role, Mark worked as: Director, Energy Infrastructure Policy at the Energy Networks Association (ENA); Technical & Regulatory Manager at Australian Industry Group (AiG); a range of technical, marketing and management roles in the plumbing, gas and electrical equipment manufacturing industry sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. In parallel he represented Australia on the IEC Standardisation Management Board (SMB) and Chaired a number of Standards Australia Technical Committees, Sub Committees and Working Groups.


Over the 29 years in industry he has held senior positions across production management, technical, marketing, R&D and product certification functions where quality management systems, Standards and conformity assessment principles have always served as foundations for all aspects of work.


Mark holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (with First Class Honours) and post graduate qualifications in general management, marketing, project management, business analysis and strategy.

Adam Murdoch

Adam Murdoch - Manager of Equipment Safety, Energy Safe Victoria


Mr Adam Murdoch is the Manager of Equipment Safety at Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). ESV is the independent technical regulator for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria Australia. After attending the IEC YP – 2010 workshop in Seattle, Adam started his involvement in various Technical Committees and maintenance teams and subcommittees as an Australian delegate, namely: TC 61: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances and; SC 61C: Safety of refrigeration appliances for household and commercial use and SC 61H: Safety of electrically-operated farm appliances; TC 61 MT4: Temperature limits and resistance to heat and fire. In 2012 Adam became the Chair of SC 61H.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood - General Manager, EME Management Education & Compliance, Telstra Operations


Mr Mike Wood is a Distinguished Professional with Telstra and the General Manager for Telstra’s EME Management, Education and Compliance programme.  Mike has 30 years’ experience in the strategy and management of mobile network deployment, Electromagnetic Energy (EME) and community consultation for the wireless industry.


Mike trained with the Australian Defence Department in radio & microwave communications prior to graduating from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1985.


Mike has worked in standards development for over 20 years and is currently Chair of the IEC TC 106 which has global responsibility for EME testing standards for mobile phones, devices, wireless networks and radio communication systems.


The current focus for TC 106 is the 2020 strategic business plan and development of standards for the assessment of future 5G mobile technologies.  Mike is also active in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards and in Australia chairs the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association RF Safety Compliance Programme.

Paul Coebergh van den Braak

Paul Coebergh van den Braak - Standardization Manager, Intellectual Property & Standards, Philips Group Innovation


Mr Paul Coebergh van den Braak is with Philips Intellectual Property and Standards. He is responsible for a global standardization programme covering strategic interoperability initiatives as well as regulatory standards and regulations. The former mainly take place in industry consortia while the latter primarily happen in IEC, ISO, CEN and CENELEC, and involve policy advocacy as well.


Paul is Chair of the BUSINESSEUROPE working group for Free Movement of Goods on the EU Single Market, President of the Dutch IEC National Committee (NEC), board member of the Dutch ISO National Body (NEN) and member of the IEC Council Board. Further he is on the board of the Personal Connected Health Alliance which develops standards for out-of-hospital vital signs measurements, and of the AllSeen Alliance which fosters interoperability for the Internet of Things.

Paul holds masters in Mathematics and Business Administration and has over 33 years of experience in various companies including products, projects and service businesses, small, mid-size and large companies, and professional as well as consumer markets.


For the majority of his career he was in various managerial positions in product and technology development. He holds his present position since mid-2006.

David Hanlon

David Hanlon - IEC CAB Secretary


Before becoming the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) Secretary in 2012, Mr David Hanlon worked with IEC technical committees as a Technical Officer. David has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the UNSW in Sydney Australia and an Executive MBA in Management of Technology (MoT) from the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Prior to joining the IEC, David’s 30 years career spanned diverse professional experience in technical, commercial and management areas across 3 continents mainly in international SMEs focused on industrial manufacturing including his own 10 year start-up during the 1990s.

Pierre Selva

Pierre Selva - Conformity Assessment & Market Surveillance Director, Global Industry & Government Affairs Strategy, Schneider Electric


Mr Pierre Selva is currently Schneider Electric’s Director for Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance subjects. He has always been involved in the fields of standardization, certification and test laboratory from the beginning of his career in 1988. He worked for several companies, from large ones like Hewlett Packard and Schneider Electric to self-employed, and was also the founder and manager of an EMC and safety test Laboratory. He joined Schneider Electric in 2005 and he’s a graduate from the Technological University of Compiègnes (France) and holds a “specialized masters” in the field of standardization, quality, certification and tests.

Pierre is currently the alternate member for France at the CAB and IECEE levels. He also holds the position of IECEE Treasurer from 1 January 2016 and he’s involved in several CAB and IECEE Working Groups.

Beer Opatsuwan

Beer Opatsuwan - Network Substation Standards Engineer, Energex Limited


Mr Beer Opatsuwan is a Chartered Professional Engineer and currently working for Energex, an electricity distribution company based in Queensland, Australia. Beer graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) and holds a post-graduate Certificate in Electricity Supply Engineering from Queensland University of Technology. Beer has worked in the private and public sectors for over ten years and in 2015, Beer was named the Queensland Young Engineer of the Year. In 2016, Beer has been recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative engineers by the Institution of Engineers Australia. Beer earned a placement in Standards Australia (SA) Young Leaders program in 2014 and subsequently became member of SA’s committee QR-008 (Quality Management Systems). Beer represented Australia at the 5th IEC Young Professionals Programme in Japan. His contribution to the engineering profession has earned him Curtin University’s alumni professional achievement (science and engineering category) Award. In 2016, he received an E.S. Cornwall Scholarship from the University of Queensland to obtain overseas work experience equipped with a mission to advance Australia’s power industry using the leading global wisdom upon his return.

Jack Sheldon

Jack Sheldon - IEC Standardization Strategy Manager


Mr Jack Sheldon has worked at the IEC since 1983 and initially worked in standards development with responsibility, amongst others, for the creation of IEC/TC 100 (Multimedia systems and equipment). He was influential in the transformation of the IEC from a paper-based to a paperless organization. More recently he was responsible for setting up the IEC’s Market Strategy Board, responsible for medium to long term market and technology overview.


He currently occupies the position of Standardization Strategy Manager, which includes the secretariat of the SMB (Standardization Management Board), and is responsible for Strategic Development in the IEC.


Prior to joining the IEC he worked as an electronics engineer in a number of IT and telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.


Born in 1954, Jack Sheldon has an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and an MBA from the Open University.

Manyphay Viengkham

Manyphay Viengkham - Senior Programme Manager, General Electric Power Generation Software Solutions


Ms Manyphay (Many-π) Viengkham has over 15 years of Energy Industry and Utility Services experience with a focus on systems-of-systems interoperability design and development using Systems Engineering concepts and methodologies. Academically, she holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Biochemistry and Masters in Business Administration.
In the energy industry, Manyphay has working experience in a multi-service utility (Power Generation, Electric T&D,  Water Filtration, Wastewater Collection & Treatment, Broadband Services) with various roles in systems development and management.  She joined General Electric in 2010 as the Senior Systems Engineer within the GE Smart Grid Solutions team, Senior System Analyst/Product Manager for the Software as a Service team and lastly as the Senior Program Manager within the GE Power Generation Software Solutions organization.   In these roles she has worked on leading system solution architecture, development, and deployment projects using Systems Engineering methodologies.  She is also the founder of Business 2 Systems Services LLC where she provides systems engineering services to businesses across the energy industry.


In the standards community, Manyphay has contributed significantly to the IEC Smart Grid mapping tool and is now involved in Smart Cities as the USNC representative to the IEC Systems Evaluation Group and Systems Committee on Smart Cities.  In addition, Manyphay plays a key role in the IEC systems work as the Convenor of the Systems Resource Group (SRG).  She’s also served on the International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE) board for several years. More details about her professional experience on LinkedIn (

Rémy Baillif

Rémy Baillif - IEC Technical Department Manager


Mr Rémy Baillif joined the IEC Central Office in 1996 where he worked as Technical Officer in standards development with several IEC Technical Committees. He currently occupies the position of Technical Department Manager.


A graduate of the Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich (Switzerland) with a diploma in physics, Rémy obtained his doctorate from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) with a thesis on applied superconductivity. He worked for 12 years in a telecommunications company in the capacity of R&D specialist.

Karen Higginbottom

Karen Higginbottom - Director of Standards Strategy, HP Inc.


Ms Karen Higginbottom is Director of Standards Strategy in HP’s CTO Office/HP Labs where her team manages HP’s involvement in voluntary standards organizations and consortia.  She has been at Hewlett-Packard Company and HP Inc. since 1994. Karen is Chair of ISO/IEC JTC 1 – Information Technology, serving in that capacity since 2008. She began her involvement in various consortia and standards organizations in 1987 and was the Chair of the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) from 1997 until 2008.  Karen served four years as Convenor of ISO/IEC JTC 1’s Special Working Group on accessibility and as a mentor to organizations such as DMTF, OASIS, Trusted Computing Group and W3C in their role as ISO/IEC JTC 1 Publicly Available Specification (PAS) Submitters.

Marty Cole

Marty Cole - Manager, Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous Industries


Mr Marty Cole has worked for Hubbell Canada over 35 years and been involved with hazardous locations for much of that time. He is a member of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Part I - Section 18 Subcommittee, Chair of CSA’s Integrated Committee on Hazardous Locations (ICHL) which deals with all hazardous location standards, a member of CSA’s TC 419 Technical Committee on the Performance of Lighting Products, and NFPA 820 Standard on Wastewater Treatment Facilities.  He is Chair of the Hazardous Location Products sub-section of Electro Federation Canada’s (EFC/EEMAC) Wiring Products Section and a member of the Board of Directors of the CEC Part 4 - Objective Based Industrial Electrical Code (OBIEC) Stakeholder Advisory Committee.


He is the Canadian Alternate to the IEC Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) and heads the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) delegation to IEC TC 31, SC 31G, SC 31J and SC 31M  (Standards for Explosive Atmospheres), is a member of several IECEx committees dealing with equipment conformity and personnel competency certification.  He is Convenor of IECEx ExMC WG1 (Rules Committee). Marty is an IEEE Senior Member, an IAS and IEEE-PCIC standards committee member and has authored and co-authored numerous papers and articles on the subject of hazardous locations for the IEEE-PCIC, IEEE-ESW, IEEE-ESTMP, PCIC-Europe, IEEE-GCC, IEEE-IAS Magazine and other industry publications. In 2014 he was awarded CSA’s Award of Merit for his work in hazardous location standards.

Shawn Paulsen

Shawn Paulsen - Manager, Conformity Assessment, CSA Group


Mr Shawn Paulsen started out his electrical career as an electrician in the early 80s and then returned to university to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Since then he has worked in the electrical design and consulting business, focusing on industrial and health care facilities. In 1999 entered the Regulatory realm as the Chief Electrical Inspector for the Province of New Brunswick in Canada. Shawn joined CSA Group in 2009 as Manager, Conformity Assessment, and as part of his role is also responsible for CSA Group Regulatory Relations. Shawn is active in the Canadian National Committee to the IEC (CANC/IEC), chairs Canada’s Conformity Assessment Coordination Committee under the CANC/IEC, and is a voting member on the IEC Conformity Assessment Board. He also very actively participates in IEC conformity assessment system activities such as in the IECEE and IECRE. Shawn is active on many Working Groups related to CAB and the IEC CA Systems and is also a member of the Board for the International Association of Electrical Inspectors.

Roland Bent

Roland Bent - Executive Vice President, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG


Mr Roland Bent, born in 1958, studied electrical engineering with main focus on telecommunications at the University of Applied Sciences in Lemgo, Ostwestfalen-Lippe. He has been working with Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG, headquartered in Blomberg, since 1984. The company is one of the international market leaders in electrical connection, electronic interface and automation technology with sales of approximately 1.91 billion Euro in 2015 and about 14.500 employees worldwide.


Roland Bent began his career as a development engineer for fieldbus system solutions. Since 2001, he is Member of the Executive Board for Development and Marketing. His area of responsibility also includes the innovation and technology management as well as the management of the international research and development centers of the company.


Roland Bent performs other tasks in various industrial and scientific organizations.

Willms Buhse

Willms Buhse - CEO, doubleYUU


Dr Willms Buhse is one of Europe’s leading innovative thinkers. His distinct professional capability is the appropriation and interweaving of ideas and stimuli. This is reflected in his curriculum vitae: colourful, engaged with new ideas and global in scope. And not just in Europe: at Harvard and MIT, even in Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Korea – his ideas and insights have sparked enthusiasm with many global listeners all over the world.