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General Meetings

Every year the IEC’s standardization and conformity assessment work leads to a week-long meeting – the IEC General Meeting. At this event stakeholders come together in an international setting to decide on current issues and future directions and strategies for the IEC. The General Meeting has a unique format, combining management and technical meetings and bringing all the key player together on one stage.

List of General Meetings since 1906

Council minutes
2014 Tokyo Japan pdf file C/1885A/RM
2013 New Delhi India pdf file C/1829A/RM


Oslo Norway pdf file C/1772A/RM
2011 Melbourne Australia pdf file C/1717A/RM
2010 Seattle United States pdf file C/1664A/RM
2009 Tel Aviv Israel pdf file C/1613A/RM
2008 Sao Paulo Brazil pdf file C/1562A/RM
2007 Paris France pdf file C/1501A/RM
2006 Berlin Germany

pdf file C/1453A/RM

2005 Cape Town South Africa

pdf file C/1399A/RM

2004 Seoul Rep. of Korea

pdf file C/1364A/RM

2003 Montreal Canada pdf file C/1327A/RM
2002 Beijing China

pdf file C/1288/RM

2001 Firenze Italy pdf file C/1253/RM
2000 Stockholm Sweden

pdf file C/1207/RM

1999 Kyoto Japan pdf file C/1175/RM
1998 Houston United States

pdf file C/1141/RM

1997 New Delhi India   pdf file 01/1111/RM
1996 Dresden Germany  
1995 Durban South Africa    
1994 Nice France    
1993 Sydney Australia    
1992 Rotterdam The Netherlands    
1991 Madrid Spain    
1990 Beijing China    
1989 Brighton United Kingdom    
1988 Istanbul Turkey    
1987 Prague Czechoslovakia    
1986 Berlin-West Germany    
1985 Montreal Canada    
1984 Geneva Switzerland    
1983 Tokyo Japan    
1982 Rio de Janeiro Brazil    
1981 Montreux Switzerland    
1980 Stockholm Sweden    
1979 Sydney Australia    
1978 Firenze Italy    
1977 Moscow USSR    
1976 Nice France    
1975 The Hague The Netherlands    
1974 Bucharest Romania    
1973 Munich Germany    
1972 Athens Greece    
1971 Brussels Belgium    
1970 Washington D.C. United States    
1969 Tehran Iran    
1968 London United Kingdom    
1967 Prague Czechoslovakia    
1966 Tel-Aviv Israel    
1965 Tokyo Japan    
1964 Aix-lex-Bains France    
1963 Venice Italy    
1962 Bucharest Romania    
1961 Interlaken Switzerland    
1960 New Delhi India    
1959 Madrid Spain    
1958 Stockholm Sweden    
1957 Moscow USSR    
1956 Munich Germany    
1955 London United Kingdom    
1954 Philadelphia United States    
1953 Opatija Yougoslavia    
1952 Scheveningen The Netherlands    
1951 Estoril Portugal    
1950 Paris France    
1949 Stresa Italy    
1948 Stockholm Sweden    
1947 Lucerne Switzerland    
1938 Torquay United Kingdom    
1935 Scheveningen /
The Netherlands /
1934 Prague Czechoslovakia    
1930 Copenhagen /
Oslo /
Denmark /
Norway /
1927 Bellagio-Rome Italy    
1926 New York United States    
1925 The Hague The Netherlands    
1919 London United Kingdom    
1913 Berlin Germany    
1911 Turin Italy    
1908 London United Kingdom    
1906 London United Kingdom    

Next General Meeting

IEC 76th

Oslo, Norway
1-5 October 2012

General information



pdf file AC/52/2014
79th IEC General Meeting - Minsk, Belarus
12 - 16 October 2015


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The Value of IEC General Meetings

A short video introduction into the value and benefits
of attending IEC General Meetings.