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January/February 2014


International Standards for sustainable


IEA, IEC and ISO joint workshop 13 March 2014, Paris

Janice Blondeau

Forging closer links between policy makers, renewable energy and energy efficiency stakeholders and standards developers is the focus of a workshop to be held in Paris next month.

Bringing key players together

IEC, who is co-hosting the workshop, along with IEA (International Energy Agency) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization), welcomes this opportunity to improve the engagement of those active in international standardization and to ensure that international standards support the transition towards more sustainable energy systems.


The workshop aims to bring together policy makers, representatives from international standardization organisations and other key stakeholders who work to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Responding to the global energy challenge

Strengthening the positive contribution of international standards to respond to the global energy challenge is another objective of the workshop. This is particularly in relation to:

  • The climate change due to the impact of the use of fossil energies on greenhouse gas emissions
  • The physical, economic and environmental constraints on the availability of energy
  • The need to enable a broader access to sustainable energy in support of economic and social development.

A key topic to be explored during the workshop is how to facilitate the development and use of systemic approaches both within policy making and standardization.

Linking policy and standardization

Discussions are planned on how to improve the collaboration between the key players so as to better communicate and assess available standards, and identify gaps and opportunities for the development of international standards. How to ensure sustained dialogue between standardization and policy making, and developing international standards and policies that jointly support energy efficiency and renewable energy will also be discussed at the workshop.

A few places still available

Attendance at this workshop is by invitation only. However if you are interested in one of the limited places that is still available please contact the IEC.


  • The workshop aims to ensure that international standards...
  • the transition towards more sustainable energy systems
  • International standards are a tool to respond to the global energy challenge


Standardization and sustainable energy

Standardization helps these newer technologies to become marketable by providing a foundation for certification systems, promoting international trade of uniform high-quality products and supporting transfer of expertise from traditional energy systems.


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