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IEC e-tech – November 2013

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Smart Grids, Smart Cities


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Smart Grid, Smart Cities


In most countries in the world power distribution networks need to be upgraded to cope with the integration of renewable energy and increasingly decentralized power generation. Innovative storage solutions will be essential to level out the intermittent nature of power generation from these renewables.


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Cities getting smarter around the world


Smart Cities promise both a sustainable energy solution to the challenges of the urban environment and improved quality of life for the millions of city-dwellers across the world. IEC work underpins much of the development of such cities.


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Going green


By 2050, according to current forecasts, about 6,3 billion people comprising nearly 70% of the world's population will be living in cities. This great surge of urbanization and the rise of megacities, each with a population greater than 10 million, will occur mostly in developing countries and boost demand for smart buildings and housing.


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Smart meters


Smart Grids, smart cities and smart buildings rely on the proper and reliable transmission, distribution and use of energy resources. To achieve this result usage data has to be exchanged between the power utilities and end users in real time to ensure proper and stable supply.


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Testing and certifying - IECEE Working Group on Smart Grids


IECEE has been testing and certifying devices and pieces of equipment for many years. It focuses on product safety and, when the Standards require it, it also provides services that help to ensure efficient performance. Now, in response to industry demand, IECEE is working on the Smart Grid.


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Global protection for the field of Ex


The IECEx General Meeting, held in September, created a space in which a range of topics including policy, operational and technical matters associated with the running of the IECEx Systems and its Schemes, could be covered so that global safety could be advanced. As part of the meetings, UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) organized a day-long regulatory workshop with over 100 participants and representatives from various parts of Latin America.


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IECQ past, present and future


Since it first began, IECQ has been gaining worldwide recognition as the international system for providing independent verification that electronic components, related materials and processes comply with appropriate standards and specifications.


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The move to Systems Engineering


Manyphay Viengkham, from the United States, is a senior systems analyst at General Electric Energy. Her current role is to develop and analyze technical requirements for Smart Grid software as a service for customers, and to architect solutions based on technical requirements and stakeholder needs. Viengkham was elected as an IEC 2012 Young Professional Leader at the 2012 IEC General Meeting in Oslo, Norway.


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Standardizing Supply and Demand Management


Frens Jan Rumph is a researcher and consultant in the field of IT and Smart Grids at TNO with a background in computer science. His main expertise is in architecture, algorithm and protocol development for ICT intensive service delivery architectures and data infrastructures. Supply and demand management systems, new energy services and their operation and management is the application area he focusses on. Rumph was an IEC Young Professional Leader 2013.


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Interview with Dr Bronwyn Evans


In a world that is technologically fast paced, Dr Bronwyn Evans, the new CEO at Standards Australia, is focusing on standards that can help innovation thrive.


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World Smart Grid Forum provides real-life solutions


Hundreds of energy leaders and experts from Asia, Europe and the Americas gathered in Berlin, Germany, on September 24-25, at the World Smart Grid Forum to help shape the path towards strong Smart Grids, Smart Communities and Smart Cities. Immediately after the event, a Results & Recommendations document was issued so that decision-makers, management, experts and Smart Grid communities the world over can benefit from the Forum’s real-world solutions.


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Advancing regional and global trade


The recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the IEC and the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) aims to smooth regional and international trade, while increasing the competitiveness and safety of electrical and electronic products in the region.


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Enabling real solutions to the energy challenge


November saw the COP19 UN Climate Change Conference take place in Warsaw, Poland. Post-COP19, the IEC is urging countries, industry, and civil society to make better use of the real solutions that it offers to help meet the energy challenge and mitigate climate change.


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Strengthen IP - Increase revenue


IEC Global Visions interviewed Dr Ja-Kyun Koo, CEO of LSIS, a global leader in the field of power solutions, automation and green business. In this interview, Koo explains why it is so important for a company to be able to monetize R&D and IP investment and how a standardization strategy can help in this.


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