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July 2013


Upgraded Consolidated version

First upgraded Consolidated version of IEC International Standard released as package

Morand Fachot

The first upgraded Consolidated version of an IEC Publication has been released. These documents are now issued as packages that include both the Redline version, which shows changes, and the Final version that does not show where the technical content is modified by amendment(s)

Users' convenience in mind

Users of IEC International Standards may need to see where changes that are published in Amendments fit in the base Publication. To help them find out, Consolidated versions with vertical lines in the margin, showing where the base Publication is modified, have been made available since 1997.

Since May 2010, additions and deletions are redlined, with deletions being struck through in all new consolidated versions.

The release of the Consolidated version has been strictly synchronized with that of the amendment since May 2012.

Upgrading consolidated versions

Consolidated versions of Publications are now released as packages that include both the Redline version and the Final version. The Final version does not show where the technical content is modified by amendment(s).

The Final version is a natural complement to the Redline version. It is highly valued each time there is a need for an instant and clear understanding of the technical contents, rather than for tracking changes.

First upgraded Consolidated version

IEC 62439-1, Industrial communication networks – High availability automation networks – Part 1: General concepts and calculation methods, is the first Consolidated version released in this format. It has been published in July 2013.

Standards in the IEC 62439 series apply to high-availability automation networks based on the ISO/IEC 8802-3 (IEEE 802.3) (Ethernet) technology.

This part of the series specifies

  • the common elements and definitions for other parts of the IEC 62439 series;
  • the conformance test specification (normative);
  • a classification scheme for network characteristics (informative);
  • a methodology for estimating network availability (informative);
  • the configuration rules, calculation and measurement method for a deterministic recovery time in RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol).

The Amendment contained in this edition introduces significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition of IEC 62439-1.


These concern, among others, the additions of new redundancy protocols, of a calculation method for RSTP, and moving a number of clauses in other Standards in the series.

Improving usability

This first upgraded Consolidated version of an IEC Publication that includes both the Redline and Final versions will prove essential for experts who need to see changes made to the previous version, who want to access the latest technical content or who want to benefit from both versions.

This new format, the latest in a series that has undergone several enhancements over time, was introduced as part of constant efforts to improve the usability of the technical content of IEC publications for IEC customers and technical experts.



  • The first upgraded Consolidated version of an IEC International Standard was published in July 2013
  • Industrial network (Photo: Siemens)
  • Wireless operation



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