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May 2013


Look ahead…New Delhi calling

IEC Young Professionals 2013 workshop registration closes 30 June

Janice Blondeau

National Committees have until the end of June to register participants, selected at national level, for the IEC Young Professionals Programme 2013 workshop. The workshop will be held in New Delhi in October during the IEC General Meeting. Expanding its expert community to involve more and more qualified people is an ongoing IEC priority. The IEC (YP) Young Professionals programme, now in its fourth successful year, provides a springboard for further involvement in electrotechnical standards and conformity assessment work.

Positive response

In a win-win situation, the programme brings benefits to participants, to their employers and to the IEC. The response from participants and their companies from previous workshops has been positive and enthusiastic.


“It’s a fantastic initiative from the IEC to promote young professionals in the industry. There are advantages in both learning and exposure provided for the young professional. The experience will bring short and long term benefits in the future.”
(Nipun Sibal of Schneider Electric)

Getting involved

Geared towards younger professionals who already use electrotechnical Standards in their work, the IEC Young Professionals programme provides direct networking opportunities and capacity building to enable them to become tomorrow's leaders in the world of standardization and conformity assessment.


Participants have the opportunity to meet key management, from IEC Officers to members of the SMB (Standardization Management Board) or of the CAB (Conformity Assessment Board). They can also participate in a TC meeting, as well as network with their peers from all corners of the globe.

Young Professionals 2013 workshop

For the New Delhi workshop, each IEC Member country can register two representatives, chosen via a NC (National Committee) selection process. Participants’ prior experience of standardization is varied. Some have a good understanding of the processes involved and have worked in TCs (Technical Committees). Others may use International Standards in their daily work of testing and conformity assessment, but have been less involved with the actual writing of Standards and the consensus-based approach used in preparing IEC Standards.


“As a small company, participating in standards development has provided a mechanism for contributing to our industry, corresponding with larger companies, and identifying industry trends and technology advancements.  Participation in the workshop has provided a backdrop to the entire process.”
(Bill Rawlings, head of Mavi Innovations Inc.)

Seeing Standards in a different light

Workshops participants gain a deeper understanding of standardization and expand their technical expert networks. Moreover they have the satisfaction of seeing where they can make a difference to the bigger picture of electrotechnical Standards. Contacts made through the programme serve the individual participants in their professional development and also benefit the companies they work for.


"The workshop is a great way of getting an introduction to IEC work, meet with top
management and decision makers in the IEC, as well as networking with colleagues from all over the world."

(Tore Langeland, Det Norske Veritas (DNV)


“With better understanding of the IEC Standards our organization is able to give better solutions to our clients in a shorter period.”
(Chetan Ratna’s employer, Power Technics Limited)

Workshop registration

Information about the IEC Young Professionals 2013 workshop is available from National Committees and on the IEC website. Registration will remain open until the end of June.


  • The IEC YP programme has welcomed more than 160 participants in its first three years. Melbourne workshop, 2011
  • It provides an avenue for further involvement in IEC electrotechnical standards and conformity assessment work
  • The annual workshop mixes interactive sessions, presentations, networking and the opportunity to attend several key IEC technical meetings


IEC Young Professionals: Go ahead, Get ahead

Michael Grant
IEC 2012 YP from South Africa: now participating in IEC TC 81/WG 8

IEC Young Professionals 2013 workshop - New Delhi

The IEC Young Professionals 2013 workshop will be held in New Delhi, India, from 21 to 23 October, in parallel with the IEC 2013 General Meeting. Please contact your NC for further information.


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