International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

August/September 2012



The importance of your work and of the IEC is increasing

Message from Ronnie Amit, IEC General Secretary & CEO


IEC International Standards facilitate innovation and enable the creation of ever safer products, which are implemented and used anywhere in the world. They contribute efficiently to the growth of existing markets and the development of new industries.


Rapid technology advancement and a growing trend to globalization require that we work increasingly faster. When I came on board, standards took on average nearly 40 months for completion, today the average is 31 months, with many of them being produced a lot faster than that. But for some industries this turn-around time is still too long and we continuously need to improve.


Our approach to standards development is tried and tested. It makes a lot of sense because it provides equal opportunity to small and big countries and through them to small and big businesses. No other system does. Our standards and conformity assessment environment is by definition borderless and geared to real industry needs.


We produce world class work, but even if it is not the engineer’s way, we need to become better in tooting our own horn. Today more than ever.


I had the pleasure of meeting many of you personally and would like to thank you for working with the IEC and with me over the last 17 years. I hope to see you in Oslo, where I will be handing over the reins to Frans Vreeswijk. Please provide him with the same support you gave me.


All my best wishes


Ronnie Amit
IEC General Secretary and CEO



  • Ronnie Amit, IEC General Secretary & CEO
  • The average development time for standards has gone down to 31 months
  • The IEC's approach to standards development is tried and tested



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