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July 2012


Smart ideas for the Smart Grid

New Swedish member to SMB SG 3

SMB (Standardization Management Board) has approved Claudio Marchetti as the Swedish member of SG (Strategic Group) 3. Marchetti replaces previous Swedish member Karl Elfstadius.

Moving the Smart Grid forward

SG 3: Smart Grid was set up by SMB to provide strategic guidance to all IEC TCs (Technical Committees) involved in Smart Grid-related work. The Strategic Group keeps abreast of the newest developments and technologies and has published the Smart Grid Roadmap which places existing standards and their application within the Smart Grid context and provides recommendations for future requirements.

About Claudio Marchetti

Marchetti holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences and brings a wealth of expertise to his new role. Since 2009 he has held the position of Global Application Manager for Smart Grid at ABB and is responsible for developing concepts and solutions within the Smart Grid area. He is also a member of the IEC SG 3 Mapping Tool Group.


  • Claudio Marchetti, new Swedish member to SMB SG 3
  • SG 3 keeps abreast of the newest Smart Grid developments and technologies
  • SG 3 looks at solutions for incorporating intermittent energy sources, such as solar, into the Grid



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