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July 2012


10 years of APRC

Providing support to the Asia-Pacific region and beyond

This year IEC-APRC (Asia-Pacific Regional Centre) celebrates 10 years of promoting awareness of the IEC and providing support to TCs (Technical Committees) in the Asia-Pacific region and further afield.

In the beginning…

The creation of APRC was approved by the Council and Council Board at the 2000 General Meeting in Stockholm, following a proposal by then Vice-President Ryoiku Togei. Togei had highlighted the need to promote awareness and understanding of IEC activities among businesses and maximize the participation of IEC members in the organization’s activities in the Asia-Pacific region.


The official opening of the APRC office took place on 21 February 2002 with a high-level seminar attended by more than 150 delegates from 12 countries. The ceremony was officiated by then IEC President Sei-ichi Takayanagi and former Chairman of SPRING Cedric Foo.


Dennis Chew was appointed Regional Director and today 7 staff members are based in the Singapore office.

Providing support through close collaboration with TCs and regional bodies

Talking about APRC’s achievements since it was launched in 2002, Chew says ‘we have seen a significant increase in P-membership in TCs and SCs (Subcommittees) and a lot more participation in IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) activities from National Committees in the region, since we started out’. In 2004 APRC’s scope was expanded to include providing support to TCs and SCs. Other achievements include the acceptance of IEC International Standards by regulators under the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Harmonized Regulatory Regime for Electrical and Electronic Equipment, to be implemented by 2015.


Chew and his colleagues regularly participate in forums and meetings organized by regional standards and regulatory bodies such as PASC (Pacific Area Standards Congress), ASEAN and APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). Since 2002, they have also collaborated closely with JISC (Japanese Industrial Standards Committee) and APSG (Asia-Pacific Steering Group) to organize Human Resources Development seminars with a focus on sector-specific areas such as environmental standardization and more recently, energy efficiency.


To celebrate a decade of successful activity a cocktail reception is being planned, to take place during the joint JISC/IEC/APSG Human Resources Development seminar in December 2012.


  • The IEC-APRC team (From left to right: Damien Lee, Kalyani Menon, Poh Luan Teo, Suzanne Yap, Jacqueline Ong, Shumei Zhang, Dennis Chew)
  • The APRC team is based in Singapore
  • Speakers and delegates at a joint JISC/APRC seminar on energy efficiency


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