International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

June 2012


Keeping the fun safe

Home and entertainment

Today the lines between computing, entertainment and home appliances are blurring. All of them are smart, networked and interconnected.

Connected and safe in and around the house

Home networks that allow for communication between digital devices deployed in the home, such as personal computers and mobile devices, as well as intelligent appliances, are increasingly becoming part of everyday life.


Home entertainment and electronic gaming are extremely popular for a great number of people the world over, leading amusement businesses to adapt and make adjustments in their offer of electronic commercial amusement machines to the public.


The installation of swimming pools, or systems that provide extra comfort and security, such as electric gates or garage doors, and various types of alarms systems or security lights are also on the rise everywhere.

IEC International Standards play key role

The June edition of e-tech looks at some of the systems now in use in and around the house, at amusement parks and gaming arcades, highlighting the work done by the relevant IEC Technical Committees that are directly involved in developing International Standards for them to ensure they are safe, reliable, smart, energy-efficient and don’t interfere with other equipment.


  • Even bowling alleys have gone all electronic
  • While pool lighting has become more sophisticated, it has also made the area safer
  • Claire Marchand, Managing Editor e-tech



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