International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

June 2012


Dashboard navigation made easy

Contextual menus added to lists of IEC TC/SCs, NCs and Affiliates

The IEC Central Office is constantly taking into account user feedback to improve the IEC website, tools and services. To provide easy access to specific information on IEC TC/SCs (Technical Committees and Subcommittees), IEC NCs (National Committees) and the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, contextual menus have been added to list pages in the IEC website...allowing visitors to jump directly to any dashboard page.


If you recently visited any of the pages listing the TC/SCs, NCs or the Affiliate Country Programme participants, you may have noticed some changes, namely a small arrow to the right of the country name or TC number. Let's take the TC list as an example.


One click away

Clicking on this arrow brings up a popup menu that allows you to go directly to the page you want to view without going through the dashboard menu and submenu navigation. In short you are one click away from the information you are looking for.



View the dashboard

Of course you can still click on the TC number or country name to access the dashboard entry page and navigate from there to the page you are looking for.



While first-time visitors may be advised to go to the NC, TC or Affiliate Country Programme dashboard entry page to see how the information is organized, those of you who know your way around these sections of the website will soon realize that these contextual menus make your life much easier.




  • The IEC National Committee page also has the contextual menus. Clicking on Votes in the contextual menu...
  • ...brings you directly to the Votes page...
  • ...while clicking on the country name brings you to the dashboard



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