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IEC e-tech – June 2012

IEC e-tech: June 2012

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Editor in Chief:

Gabriela Ehrlich


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Claire Marchand



Morand Fachot

Philippa King Rojo

Zoé Smart


Keeping the fun safe


The June edition of e-tech looks at some of the systems now in use in and around the house, at amusement parks and gaming arcades, highlighting the work done by the relevant IEC Technical Committees that are directly involved in developing International Standards for them to ensure they are safe, reliable, smart and energy-efficient.


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Reducing hazards in the home


Elaine Clayton, one of three IEC Young Professional Leaders, talks of her work with IEC TC 61 in ensuring that the Australian and New Zealand demographic and geographic factors on product safety are taken into account from the outset of the standardization process. She is particularly concerned with the protection of children..


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Standards to swim, paddle and play safely


A heightened interest in leisure activities is driving demand for swimming pools in apartment complexes and homes. Electrical equipment as an integral part of swimming pool installations must meet specific requirements to suppress the risk of electric shock. Fitting alarm systems is also essential to prevent young children from drowning accidentally.


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No home network without standards


Homes become increasingly networked and integrated: appliances get smarter and communicate better with other devices, lighting, heating, cooling and alarm systems as well as with the grid and utilities. They can be remotely controlled by users or operators. This integration is made possible because of joint standardization work by the IEC, with ISO and ITU.


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Online is a game changer for amusement machine


The irresistible global rise of online entertainment is bringing rapid change to the market for commercial amusement machines, businesses are also readjusting to the combined pressures of economic recession and regulatory change.
A number of IEC Technical Committees and Subcommittees prepare International Standards for the systems and devices used in amusement machines found in public places. These make a significant contribution to an industry with a global value projected to exceed USD 110 billion in 2016.


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TC work helps keep households safe


The rapidly increasing number of electrical appliances and equipment used in homes and elsewhere requires constantly new and updated standards to deal with safety issues that may arise from their use. IEC TC 61: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances, prepares International Standards to protect users of such equipment from a wide range of hazards.


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Keeping intruders at bay


Producers of intrusion alarm and electronic security systems, whose past activities have focused mainly on industrial, commercial and government premises, have found new business opportunities and a potentially lucrative market in the home and residential environments. IEC TC 79: Alarm and electronic security systems, prepares standards for equipment used by manufacturers in a sector which is projected to grow by nearly 5% a year over the 2011-2015 period.


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Environmental aspects changing markets


More attention than ever before is being given to the overall environmental impact of industrial goods throughout their whole life cycle: from raw material acquisition to the manufacture, distribution, use, maintenance, re-use and eventual recycling of their component parts. In 2004 the IEC set up TC (Technical Committee) 111: Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems, to develop standards in the domain.


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IECEE celebrates WTO ITA 15th anniversary


A symposium at the WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, celebrated the 15th anniversary of the ITA (Information Technology Agreement). IECEE Executive Secretary Pierre de Ruvo was invited to speak during the event. He presented the IECEE and explained how the System can contribute to the WTO ITA objectives.


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Joining forces in the Ex sector


IECEx and UNECE, the United Nations Economic Commission, were invited to present a joint paper at the 2012 PCIC (Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee) Europe Conference,which takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 19-21 June.


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Can't do without them


Modern day technologies have changed the way we live in hundreds of ways. The emergence and extraordinary success of small mobile devices has increased our reliance on electronics at all times of day…and night. Whatever we do, wherever we are, we rely on them to communicate, connect with others, at work, at home, travelling, playing, keeping fit. IECQ is instrumental in proving the quality and reliability of electronic components.


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Energy efficiency and renewable energies high on the COPANT agenda


COPANT, the Pan American Standards Commission, held its annual General Assembly on 7-8 May 2012 in Fortaleza, Brazil. Representing the IEC were IEC Immediate Past President Jacques Régis, IEC Deputy General Secretary Frans Vreeswijk and IEC-LARC Regional Manager Amaury Santos. For Vreeswijk, who participated for the first time in a COPANT meeting, the event provided a good opportunity to meet and talk with IEC stakeholders in this increasingly important region of the world.


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Key role of education


The World Standards Cooperation, in conjunction with ICES, held an Academic Day in Bali, Indonesia. Aimed at facilitating contact among academics, industrial leaders, experts and Standards Development Organizations, participants stressed the need to develop strategies and action plans on education about standardizationand more generally to reinforce relationships between academia, government agencies, SDOs and industry.


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Safely developing new economies


Ample and reliable supply of electrical energy is key for any country that wants to develop its economy today. Developing countries can count on the IEC to provide them with the solid technical foundation to build or update their electrical infrastructure. Côte D’Ivoire is a model for others in that it has taken optimal advantage of IEC tools, participating actively in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme and representing its stakeholders in the IEC through the National Electrotechnical Committee.


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IEC-LARC celebrates its 5-year anniversary


IEC-LARC celebrated 5 years of existence in May during the COPANT General Assembly in Fortaleza, Brazil and is now looking forward to engaging even further with regional stakeholders.


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Nomination of TC 101 Chairman


IEC TC 101: Electrostatics, has announced the appointment of its new Chairman. Paul Holdstock began his 6-year term at the beginning of May and brings a wealth of experience to a TC that plays an important role in the testing and control of electrostatic phenomena.


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New member SMB SG 1 on energy efficiency


SMB has endorsed the nomination of Conrad Ulrich Brunner as Swiss member to SMB SG 1. SG 1 works in identifying trends and new ways of achieving energy efficiency in the electrotechnical sector, an area in which Brunner has broad experience.


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A universal linguist


The world of quantities and units standardization has suffered a loss with the death of Anders J. Thor. The TC 25 Chairman dedicated his life to working towards truly universal standards that would bridge linguistic barriers.


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Testing ensures compatibility from the outset


Electromagnetic interference was widespread a few decades ago, most obviously when TV screens would suddenly fill with 'snow' or radios crackle when hair dryers or vacuum cleaners were switched on nearby. These incidents have largely become a thing of the past, thanks to IEC work in the domain of electromagnetic compatibility. A new International Standard ensures this remains the case in an environment where more and more electronic and electrical systems are in use.


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Amendment to major medical standard released


The safety and performance of medical electrical equipment and systems are central to the management of risks in the medical environment. IEC TC 62 and its SCs prepare International Standards for this area of technology. An amendment to the general requirements for basic safety and essential performance of ME equipment and systems has just been released as a Final Draft International Standard.


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Dashboard navigation made easy


The IEC is constantly taking into account user feedback to improve the IEC website, tools and services. To provide easy access to specific information on IEC TC/SCs, NCs and Affiliate countries, contextual menus have been added to list pages in the IEC website, allowing visitors to jump directly to any dashboard page.


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Faster, more accurate search results


Whether you are looking for information on the IEC or planning to purchase IEC publications, the new IEC search box makes your life easier by letting you make your query either in the entire IEC website or in the IEC Webstore.


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