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IEC e-tech – January/February 2012

IEC e-tech: Month 2012

January/February 2012 edition

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Claire Marchand


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Gabriela Ehrlich


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Computing power everywhere


Today the lines between computing, entertainment and home appliances are blurring. All of them are smart, networked and interconnected.


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IEC TC 49 outreach in South East Asia


With the rapid growth of manufacturing of electronic devices in South East Asia, IEC Technical Committee 49 has embarked on a pro-active outreach programme to IEC National Committees and manufacturers in the region to inform them of the benefits of participating in IEC work.


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Active participation in IEC work


IEC Global Visions interview with Haier, the world’s biggest white goods manufacturer. Dr Zida Yu, CTO of Haier, shares why the company’s active participation in IEC work is their most efficient tool for building trust among customers and the distribution network and helps them to open new markets faster.


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Electrical energy efficiency tested and certified


Improving the energy efficiency of home appliances and office equipment saves money and reduces emissions. Many countriesdevelop strategies for energy savings and emissions reduction from appliances and are passing legislation to that effect. In response to industry demand, IECEE recently launched a new service covering electrical energy efficiency for household appliances and office equipment.


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Dubai to host IECEx conference on safety in Ex field


Organized by the IEC and IECEx, together with ESMA, and in conjunction with UNECE, the 2012 IECEx International Conference will take place in Dubai on 20-21 March 2012. Through their presentations and direct contact with participants, world leading experts will be able to share their experience and detailed knowledge of all matters pertaining to the Ex field, such as plant design, principles and practical applications of area classification, installation and repair in compliance with IEC International Standards.


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LEDs for Ex


Offshore oil platforms, refineries, shipyards, gas and oil tankers operate 24 hours a day. Human activities may go at a reduced pace at night but the tanker will continue to trace its route across the sea, the rig will continue to drill or pump oil, and refineries never stop refining oil. Certified explosion-proof lights, crucial in such environments, are tested and certified by the IECEx System..


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Electronic components get smarter too


Smarter appliances imply smarter components inside. While keeping abreast of the rapid technological developments of recent years and designing products that are smarter, smaller and demonstrate enhanced performance and functionalities, electronic component manufacturers can rely on IECQ to test and certify their products.  


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Geoff Alstead, former IEC TC 56 Chairman dies


On 16 December, the Secretary of IEC TC 56: Dependability, Mick Maghar, announced the death of the committee's former chairman, Geoff Alstead, who died peacefully at home with his family after a long illness.


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Nominations of Officers of IEC Committees


As well as the regular Technical Committees, a number of Strategic Groups and Advisory Committees report to the IEC Standardization Management Board. This month, e-tech announces various changes and nominations within SMB SG 1, SMB DMT, PC 118, TC 37 and TC 66.


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Connecting the Smart Grid


One of the three 2011 IEC Young Professionals' Programme Leaders, David Tackie is an electrician and electrical engineer. He works as a research and development engineer for Danish Energy Association, a commercial and professional organization for Danish energy companies. Here he talks of his interest in new technologies, renewable energies and the future of the Smart Grid, particularly when it comes to dealing with fluctuating renewable energy sources.


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Communicating the value of standards


One of the three 2011 Young Professionals' Programme Leaders, Elaine Clayton is the Business Development & Marketing Manager for BWES (Black & White Engineering Solutions), a regulatory compliance consultancy in Australia that provides ‘cradle to grave’ testing and certification solutions and advice to manufacturers of consumer products. She talks of the value of educating on standards and the role she plays as a non-engineering expert in an IEC TC.


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YP builds up the tidal strait


One of three Young Professional Programme Leaders elected in 2011, Jonathan Colby talks of how the workshop benefitted him in his role as a US expert on the assessment of power performance for tidal energy convertors. He underlines how he, as one of the more experienced participants, was able to pass on some of his knowledge to others and what he expects to do in the coming year to extend and grow the programme. He also points out what there is to be gained in participating in such as programme, both as an industry and as an IEC National Committee.


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Challenges for the IEC in Asia-Pacific


In a recent interview Robert Chua, former President of Singapore NC and CB (Council Board) member as well as Chairman of the IEC Asia-Pacific Steering Group outlined some of the challenges facing the IEC in the Asia-Pacific region.


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Energy efficiency - Making standards easier to identify


Renny Yeo, the new President of the Singapore NC outlines his plans and ideas, and points to the need for system approach standards in energy efficiency.


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The networked home


Networking home appliances and devices will make daily life more enjoyable and convenient and open up opportunities for sensibly managing energy supply and demand. Joint work by the IEC and its sister organizations ISO and ITU to prepare International Standards for networking homes will ensure these will be smarter in the future.


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Ever thinner


The buzz word at the Las Vegas CES this year was thin – particularly the screens. Components and materials are reducing in size but getting more powerful. It is not so easy to distinguish what really constitutes a computer. Even the traditional household device now comes equipped with a chip to provide it with intelligence and allow connection and networking – well provided there is a screen. Screens are the work of IEC TC 110. They deal with essential ratings of electronic display devices, providing the relevant methods for testing and measuring the many different categories and technologies.


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Wired for the future


AV (audio-visual) and multimedia content, information and communication data are increasingly distributed, accessed and transferred wirelessly. However, HDMI, which will have an installed basis of over 3 billion devices in 2012, only 10 years after its launch shows that there is still no alternative to cables for many applications.


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Clean renewable world energy


Hydropower is unique in that it has the potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and climate change while still remaining an important element for agricultural and social development. High performance hydropower equipment can frequently run without interruption for extended periods of time. Thus even the smallest efficiency improvements can, over time, have an important financial impact. As a result, TC 4’s International Standards put particular emphasis on the factor of performance.


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The future is bright, the future is flat


Displays are central to all multimedia, IT and many other devices and systems. Flat panel display technology is now being used in all these. IEC TC 110: Electronic display devices, plays an essential role in this development by preparing International Standards for all types of electronic display devices.


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TC work sustains media expansion and convergence


The AV and multimedia sectors count among the world's most dynamic and productive industries, they include not just manufacturing but also and an entire global and valuable content production chain. Their expansion is made possible in no small measure by the work of TC 100: Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment.


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Enabling the smart home and office


Plug and Play: A new ISO/IEC International Standard brings flexible connectivity to ad-hoc or unmanaged networks in the home, office or public spaces.


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From text to speech for pleasure


Audiobooks, initially introduced to facilitate access to printed works to the visually-impaired, have extended their appeal to a wider public in many countries. Their migration from analogue to digital format has contributed to this trend. A recent IEC International Standard defines the file format requirements and structure for digital audiobook media.


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Organic LEDs on the move


OLED (organic light emitting diodes) technology makes up a tiny proportion only of flat panels displays today, but it is fast expanding to larger screens into many devices. A new IEC International Standard specifies measuring methods of visual quality and ambient performance for OLED display modules and panels.


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IEC Webstore competition winners announced


In November 2011, the IEC Webstore launched an end-of-year competition. For the last two months of 2011, any customer who placed an order on the IEC Webstore had the chance to win one of the latest, innovative and most exclusive IEC branded universal solar chargers.


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