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August/September 2011


IEC – IEEE Challenge

A chance for academics

The Academic Day was the ideal venue for the IEC to make a pre-announcement about the IEC – IEEE Challenge: an opportunity for academics throughout the world to submit a paper on the impact of electrotechnology on economic, social and environmental development.

The impact of electrotechnology

The IEC and IEEE are launching the 2012 Challenge, which is open to anyone affiliated to an academic institution. Academics are invited to submit a paper of up to 4 000 words on why and how electrotechnology impacts economic, social and environmental development.


The premise is that broad access to safe and efficient electrotechnology is dependent on universally accepted technical specifications and standards that, in turn, enable interoperability and international trade. It follows that the paper should identify some of the driving forces and prerequisites for achieving successful outcomes anywhere in the world and underline why electrotechnology is able to determine a society’s ability to exchange information, develop and prosper.

Subjects that might be considered:

  • Energy efficiency and climate change mitigation
  • Energy security and public health
  • Roll-out of renewables and Smart Grids
  • Waste management and environmental preservation
  • Case studies of electrotechnology and standardization helping to solve real-world challenges, including their financial and economic impact
  • Laws and regulations
  • Safety of populations
  • Technology transfer and information exchange
  • Corporate efficiency and competitiveness
  • Ability to innovate and export…

Spread the message in the academic world!

There's a special pre-registration procedure. Now is the moment to spread the message and let others know about the challenge that carries interesting prize money.


As of 28 October 2011, anyone qualified can show they intend to participate by registering on the dedicated challenge website. The deadline for pre-registration is 1 March 2012 at 24:00 UCT. The date for final submissions is 28 October 2012.


  • Academics are invited to submit a paper of up to 4 000 words.
  • The award ceremony will take place in Oslo, Norway, in October 2012.
  • The IEC-IEEE Challenge is open to anyone affiliated to an academic institution.


IEC-IEEE Challenge Awards

Awards will be presented in October 2012 in Oslo, Norway, during the IEC General Meeting.


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