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IEC e-tech – August/September 2011

IEC e-tech: August/September 2011

August/September 2011 edition

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Managing Editor e-tech :

Philippa Martin-King


Editor in Chief:

Gabriela Ehrlich


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Industry consumes between 30 and 40 percent of world energy

Editorial – Sustainable manufacturing


The face of manufacturing is changing. Countries are confronted with economic and monetary constraints that make it harder to maintain the production levels of the past few years and to remain competitive. So it is that the cost of the electrical energy used to produce the goods has become an important integral part of a BOM (bill of materials) calculation.

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World Standards Cooperation Academic Day 2011

Reinforcing IEC links with academia


The World Standards Cooperation, in conjunction with ICES, held an Academic Day in China. Aimed at facilitating contact among academics, industrial leaders, experts and Standards Development Organizations, participants agreed there is still insufficient teaching about standardization, particularly in Europe.


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IEC-IEEE Challenge 2012

The IEC - IEEE 2012 Challenge


The Academic Day was the ideal venue for the IEC to make a pre-announcement about the IEC – IEEE Challenge: an opportunity for academics throughout the world to submit a paper on the impact of electrotechnology on economic, social and environmental development.


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World Standards Day poster 2011

Italian architect wins WSD 2011 poster competition – With confidence!


Every year in October, the World Standards Cooperation, which consists of the three international standardization organizations, IEC, ISO and ITU, celebrates World Standards Day. Early this year, the WSC launched a worldwide competition, open to all, to design a poster on the theme of International Standards – Creating confidence globally.


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GridWeek 2011

The IEC an endorsing partner organization at GridWeek 2011


For five years now the GridWeek event has had global recognition as an important Smart Grid gathering for policy and decision makers, regulators, technology and service providers, electricity consumer advocates and Smart Grid experts. The IEC will again be present as one of the endorsing partner organizations. GridWeek 2011 takes place on 12-15 September in Washington DC, US.


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Industrial automation

IECEE responds to market demand with industrial certification


The advent of electricity was a turning point in the industrial world. Automation has transformed the automative industry as it has the food industry, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing companies. Most of the standards developed by the IEC TCs dealing with the specific areas of industrial automation are already integrated in services provided by IECEE, the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components.


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Training Iraqi engineers

Training Iraqi engineers for major oil production project


In Iraq, one of the world's three leading oil-rich countries, the first signs of economic recovery are in place, but total reconstruction and restoration of existing superstructures and infrastructures is still a long way off. Several training projects, driven predominantly by foreign companies and organizations, are being set up to help the country in its efforts to rebuild a sound economy. A long-standing IECEx expert member of various IECEx working groups and committees, including the IECEx Marks Committee, is part of such an initiative.


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Lead-free soldering wire for PCBs

Keeping electronics safe


The global market for electronic components has shown strong growth for many years. This is a real success story, achieved as a result of consistent technological and industrial innovation. In recent years, electronic manufacturers have had to address new concerns: national and regional endeavours to pass legislation restricting or forbidding the use of hazardous substances in components, and the emergence of counterfeit products. IECQ is proving to be the best tool for tackling counterfeit and hazardous substances.


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Anteros - one of the first statues cast in aluminium

Energy-efficient and cleaner aluminium


Primary aluminium production relies entirely on electrical power, from the processing of ore into the alumina needed to make aluminium by electrolysis. Electrical energy costs represent a sizeable proportion of primary aluminium production expenses. The ever-expanding range of products that use or are made of aluminium means that global demand for this metal is constantly rising. The result is that producers are always seeking for ways to make aluminium production as energy efficient as possible.


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Machine builder

Globalized standards are here to stay


International safety standards are reshaping how global machine builders approach machine safety system design, but do machine builders in the United States need to comply? This article is republished from The Journal from Rockwell Automation and Our Partners.


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Additive manufactured metal hinge for aircraft

The 3D printing manufacturing revolution


As it enters mainstream manufacturing, additive manufacturing signals a move from mass production to mass customization and personalization in the creation of many goods. It could also herald more energy-efficient and cleaner manufacturing processes, and significant changes in manufacturing.


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Intaglio-printed CHF 50 banknote

Banking on the motors


When the going gets tough, a customary fiscal reaction of many states is to print additional national currency. As the millions of fresh banknotes roll off the printing press, how many of us stop to think of the many processes involved in their manufacture? Or of the number of efficiently run motors required to produce the simple piece of paper that represents so much, both culturally and financially? A banknote has that dual role.


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ACOS advises the SMB on safety

Nominations of Officers of IEC Technical Committees


As well as its regular Technical Committees, the IEC has a number of Strategic Groups, Sector Boards and Technical Advisory Committees which report to the Standardization Management Board. This month, e-tech announces various changes and nominations within ACEA, ACOS, TC 39 and TC 68.


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Traditional dress

IEC Affiliate Country Programme welcomes Azerbaijan


At the end of June 2011, the IEC Affiliate Country Programme welcomed Azerbaijan as its newest participating country. With its 81 Full or Associate Member countries and 82 developing countries now following the Programme, today, the IEC Family numbers 163.


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Robotic arm

George Devol – Father of industrial robots


George Devol, the man who has been called the father, grandfather and even great grandfather of industrial robotics, died on 11 August 2011 at the age of 99. He filed his last patent when he was 98! The legacy of Devol, who once described himself as "the perpetual Don Quixote. Always flailing my arms", will be ever-felt at the IEC where many IEC Technical Committees prepare International Standards for systems he invented and that are part of our lives.


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Data exchange

Manufacturing 2B – information exchange


Information exchanges within enterprises and between manufacturers and businesses are essential for the whole production process to proceed as efficiently as possible. The latest instalment in a multi-part International Standard, which defines the interfaces making such transactions possible between enterprise activities and control activities, is now available.


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