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July 2011



Building capacity

An important capacity building event is to take place in Kenya, Africa in support of the harmonization of electrotechnical standards to facilitate the interconnection of the African power grid.

AFSEC capacity building event for Africa

In collaboration with the IEC, AFSEC (the African Electrotechnical Standardization Commission) is organizing a training event for African experts in electrotechnology.


The capacity-building event is supported by the African Union through its African Energy Commission and is to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on 5-9 September 2011. The two-day workshop will be followed by technical meetings. It is aimed at all African countries engaged in electrotechnical standardization activities and IEC Members. At the request of Evah Oduor, Affiliate Coordinator for Africa, IEC Affiliate countries are also invited to attend.


The IEC Standardization Strategy Manager, Jack Sheldon, will be present to provide guidance and expertise on setting up and organizing technical committees, including explanations on strategy, procedures, policy statements and electronic tools. Other IEC experts accompanying him include Etienne Tison, the Chairman of IEC TC 64: Electrical installations and protection against electric shock; Hervé Rochereau: Secretary of IEC SC (subcommittee) 77A: Low frequency phenomena; Don Taylor, an expert from South Africa and member of IEC TC 57/WG (working group) 14: System interfaces for distribution management (SIDM); and Roland Hill, Chairman of the South African mirror committee TC 13: Electrical energy measurement, tariff- and load control. Together they represent four of the five technical fields that AFSEC has selected for its initial work and for which it has set up its own regional mirror committees:

  • IEC TC 8: Systems aspects for electrical energy supply
  • IEC TC 13: Electrical energy measurement, tariff- and load control
  • IEC TC 57: Power systems management and associated information exchange
  • IEC TC 64: Electrical installations and protection against electric shock
  • IEC TC 77: Electromagnetic compatibility


The topics to be covered include:

  • An introduction to the organization of standardization work
  • IEC procedures for developing consensus-based standards
  • A review of draft procedures for AFSEC technical committee work
  • Mastering principles, techniques and technical committee basics

After the workshop AFSEC experts will hold inaugural meetings of the five regional mirror committees, nominating chairpersons and secretaries.


Anyone who would like to register for this event should contact the AFSEC Secretariat. Additional information is also available on the relevant pages on the AFSEC website.


  • AFSECAfrican Electrotechnical Standardization Commission
  • Evah OduorEvah Oduor, IEC Affiliate Coordinator for Africa.
    Photo: Philippa Martin-King
  • Jack SheldonJack Sheldon, IEC Standardization Strategy Manager.



The African Electrotechnical Standardization Commission was established through the collaborative effort of its stakeholders starting in 2005.

This was supported by a declaration at the Conference of African Ministers of Energy held in Algiers on 17 February 2008.

The IEC and AFSEC have a cooperation agreement that covers a number of areas, particularly cross representation and exchange of technical information in the fields of standardization and the development of electrotechnology.

In Africa, AFSEC is responsible for:

  • identifying existing standards and prioritizing standardization needs in the fields of electricity, electronics and related technologies
  • harmonizing existing standards, either by adopting International Standards, or, where necessary, adapting them to African conditions
  • identifying the need to draft standards for adoption by AFSEC members
  • recommending harmonized standards for application by the appropriate bodies of the African Union.


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