International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

June 2011


Simplified purchasing

IEC Webstore adds new functionality

The IEC Webstore has a useful preview function that allows everyone to see the content of IEC International Standards without having to make any payment. Now, there is a new purchase option accessible directly from each preview page.

Preview for free

There are a variety of tools available to navigate the information contained in the IEC Webstore. From keyword search to publication reference, TC (Technical Committee) number or title, date or ICS Code, there are all kinds of manners of obtaining access to a standard or series of International Standards.




Clicking the > preview icon to the right of each reference opens up a new window with essential information such as the publication date, the scope and use of the standard, the table of contents, normative references and so on.

Click to buy the full publication

Anyone can consult the publication information, freely and with no obligation to purchase. Now, thanks to the green purchase button added at the top of all preview pages, it's easier to purchase a particular publication directly from that preview window.


Click to buy



  • New Webstore functionAnyone can consult a preview on the IEC Webstore.
  • From preview to purchaseNo need to hit the Back button to purchase.
  • Surf the WebstoreSurf the IEC Webstore.



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