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June 2011


Sun over Shanghai

Korean maritime students confirm standardization knowledge

In May, IEC Technical Officer, Charles Jacquemart was visiting Shanghai, China, for the plenary meeting of IEC TC (Technical Committee) 82: Solar photovoltaic energy systems. On the Saturday morning he stepped out of his hotel to visit the nearby park at the same time as a group of Korean maritime students freshly disembarked from their training ship. It transpired they were most familiar not only with the IEC, but also very knowledgeable about international maritime standardization.

Hippocampus arrives in Shanghai

The South Korean Maritime University training ship Hippocampus arrived in Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal on 11 May, 2011, for a five-day visit, her first of the year. Built in 1993, she is a good sized ship, 52 meters long and eight metres wide, with a total tonnage of 529 tons. She was carrying a crew of 57, including students and tutors from the South Korean Maritime University, for an exchange visit with China's Shanghai Maritime University.

South Korean marine studies include IEC standardization

Jacquemart could not help but notice the six smiling individuals posing for photos in their gleaming white uniforms. Approaching them and offering to take a group picture he said, "I've seen the flag so I know that you're from South Korea." Then enquiring about their visit to Shanghai and learning that they were from the Maritime University, he said, "So you know about IMO [International Maritime Organization]?" The answer, of course, was positive and he questioned further. "How about the IEC?"

Safety at sea

He was impressed to learn of their detailed knowledge. They were perfectly aware of all the International Standards of IEC TC 80: Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems. They were also well versed on matters of safety at sea, so their conversation continued on the subject of the IEC 61097 series that deals with the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System).

Closing the gap between standardization and academia

Jacquemart was excited to see how an academic institution had taught its students so much about the importance of standards and how he was able to converse so easily with this group of young people. "IEC TC 80 is meeting in Melbourne for the General Meeting this year," he told them. Wouldn't it be exciting if you could be there to exchange ideas and views with the people responsible for publishing the International Standards that deal with your area?"


  • Students from Korean Maritime UniversitySix students from Korea Maritime University pause for a moment's sight seeing
  • Charles Jacquemart, Technical Officer of TC 80Charles Jacquemart is the IEC Technical Officer responsible for IEC TC 80
  • Taking a break in Shanghai parkPark sightseeing in Shanghai.


Maritime universities

Korea Maritime University is a South Korean national university for maritime study and transportation engineering located in the busy coastal city of Yeongdo-gu in Busan. The university is one of the earliest national post-secondary educational institutions in South Korea, and the only post-secondary institution that specializes in maritime studies.

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-discipline university that grew out of the Shipping Section of the Shanghai Industrial College founded in 1909. In addition to its close relationship with the Korean Maritime University, SMU has close ties with a number of the world's leading maritime institutions, including the World Maritime University of IMO (International Maritime Organization), the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, California Maritime Academy of the U.S. (United States), Liverpool John Moores University of the UK (United Kingdom) and the Vietnam Maritime University.


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