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May 2011


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Registration for 2011 Young Professionals' Programme now open

The 2010 GM (General Meeting) in Seattle saw the start of a new initiative by the IEC to involve younger professionals more deeply in the world of standardization right from the outset of their career. Labelled the Young Professionals' Programme, the workshop held in the context of the GM was the first event the IEC had organized specifically for IEC Young Professionals. Now with a new agenda, the event is to be repeated at the 2011 IEC GM.

Enthusiastic reception of first workshop

The representatives chosen by the various IEC NC (National Committees) around the world to attend the various sessions at the first workshop for Young Professionals held during the 2010 Seattle GM (General Meeting) were so enthusiastic about the event. They had the opportunity to establish contacts with their peers and with IEC Officers and technical experts, as well as to experience IEC technical and management meetings. Following the success of the 2010 workshop, a similar event is to be held at the 2011 IEC GM.

IEC General Meeting in Melbourne – an annual gathering of key experts

The 2011 IEC GM is to be held on 24-28 October in Melbourne, Australia.


The GM is an annual event, held each year in a different location, and is attended by more than 1 000 electrotechnical experts in different fields throughout the world.


Information about the 2011 IEC Young Professionals workshop is available on the IEC website, and registration will remain open until the end of June.


Each year, only two, or in some cases three, participants can be nominated by a NC to attend and represent their country.

The Young Professionals' Programme – the IEC in action

The Young Professionals' Programme is a new way of bringing together young technical, managerial and engineering professionals in their twenties to mid-thirties who are already familiar with the world of international standardization and CA (Conformity Assessment), either because they develop or work with standards.


Through the programme, participants are given the possibility not only to meet their peers and exchange ideas, but also to know how they can become more involved in the standardization process of the IEC. They get experience of standards development and the CA systems in situ. Nominees attend a technical meeting where standards are being developed, sit in as observers on one of the IEC's top management meetings, the SMB (Standardization Management Board), and have the opportunity to network with professionals from all over the world.

Provide suggestions for the future

The Young Professionals' Programme provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into what is happening in electrotechnology and to provide feedback and suggestions as to how standards development might progress in the future or what tools might be used to shape global standardization for tomorrow's world.

Ensure the future of technology transfer

The programme is a wonderful opportunity for some of tomorrow's technical leaders to spend three days together putting down roots for a long-term involvement in the international standardization arena. While allowing young professionals to extend their culture of innovation and strengthen their industry's involvement in technology transfer, it opens the doors to the more open global commercial market that is supported by International Standards.


  • The IEC Young Professionals' Programme
  • Young Professionals can network with others from all over the world.
  • Investing in the future by encouraging young professionals to take part.


Enrolling for the workshop

National Committees have been invited to nominate their Young Professionals, and enrol them for the Workshop at the 2011 General Meeting in Melbourne.

Future Young Professionals should contact their National Committee for details of the selection process that exists for each country's participants.


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