International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

May 2011


Santiago de Chile inaugurates

Focus on Conformity Assessment at official inauguration

Chile was welcomed in February 2010 as the 79th IEC Member. Under the name CORNELEC, Electrotechnical Standardization Corporation, the Chilean NC (National Committee) joined the IEC as a Full Member. An official inauguration ceremony was held in April 2011.

Inauguration ceremony focuses on Conformity Assessment

Over the past few months, the Chilean government has been paying increased attention to energy efficiency issues. In particular they have been focusing on CA (Conformity Assessment), looking at the quality of the products produced or imported by Chile and how they are installed and used.


As part of the Chilean NC's official inauguration ceremony held on 5 April in Santiago de Chile in the offices of the Chilean Constructors' Chamber, the NC held a CA seminar at which they invited IEC Immediate Past President Jacques Régis to speak.


IEC Conformity Assessment Systems make certain that products conform to the many different regulations and are safe to use and able to work everywhere together. But what makes them really unique is that all member states and participating testing laboratories recognize each other’s testing reports and certificates.

Jacques Régis
IEC Immediate Past President

The event was opened by Victor Ballivián, President of the Chilean NC, and Jack Nahmias, interim CEO of SEC (Superintendencia de Electricidad y Combustibles).


All IEC NCs have an obligation to represent standardization and CA (Conformity Assessment) interests in their respective countries, and this was an opportunity for those present to learn more about the IEC CA Systems and the global solutions they offer. Chile, as an IEC member has the means to provide local TLs (testing laboratories) and NCBs (national certification bodies) with access to IEC global CA Systems.

Conformity Assessment Systems

Régis addressed an audience of some 50 individuals from TLs, NCBs, SEC, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of External Relations and industry.


Amaury Santos, Regional Manager IEC-LARC (Latin America Regional Centre) took the opportunity to outline the three IEC Conformity Systems:

  • IECEE, the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components;
  • IECEx, the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres and
  • IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, presenting some of the more recent achievements of the latter two systems. "The second Scheme concerns facilities for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of Ex equipment and approval of installations," he said. "The third concerns seven CBs (Certification Bodies) that are qualified to issue the Ex Mark. Recently, we launched a new service concerning personnel certification."

The Argentinean experience

The IEC Conformity Assessment Systems provide the public sector with a means of removing barriers to commercial trading and opening up markets.

Osvaldo Petroni
Argentinean NC

One of the focal points of the event was when Osvaldo Petroni talked about the Argentinean experience in IECEE and the benefits Argentinean laboratories and NSBs have gained.


Osvaldo Petroni is a former Secretary and today Vice-President of the Argentinean NC, CEA, (Comité Electrotécnico Argentino).


The presentations were followed by a question and answer session during which Petroni explained some of the assets of an NC. "Being a member of the IEC opens up possibilities to participate in the standardization process and a Conformity Assessment System at an international level. It provides the public sector with a means of removing barriers to commercial trading and opening up markets."


  • Jacques Régis. Click to also see (from left to right) Victor Ballivián (President of the Chilean NC), Amaury Santos and Claudia Cerda (Secretary of the Chilean NC).
  • Amaury Santos (click to also see Victor Balivián).
  • Jack Nahmias, interim CEO of SEC. Click to also see Jacques Régis (left) and Jayme Gonzalez of SEC.



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